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Title: xdsl updated possible?
Post by: seriouslycgi on October 20, 2012, 02:36:39 PM
original xbox users are still very much active, xdsl was very much a huge part of linux on xbox. it would be great to include it here at the dsl forums, to just see if someone with the power to get a modernized linux distro running on this still active hardware.

for example xbox-hq.com is stil very active with a developer making installers and emulators available to everyone, its then distributed over many sites and alot of users on each site lapping up that up-to-date software and xdsl would compliment this work and others work eg xbmc4xbox.org.uk

if i had the knowedge i would port the newest dsl to xbox cos its use interests me hugely, and im not the only one.

id love to have

xbmc - updated
xdsl - updated
emulators. - updated

of those three two of them were updated in the last few months.

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