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1  Damn Small Linux / Other Help Topics / Firefox on DSL 4.11 on: September 17, 2012, 04:20:32 PM
 Huh Hi!
      I have  created a live CD with DSL 4.11 that I have been trying out on a Dell Dimension XPS M200s, 200MHz Intel i586 and 64MB memory. I have a cable connection to the Net via a Netgear VMDG280 modem/router supplied by the ISP. The PC is connected by an Ethernet cable.  The Dell was purchased around 1997 and ran Win 98SE for ages. I intend to make DSL resident on HD as Win 98 is pretty much a dead duck but the machine itself is perfectly serviceable.

      The system boots OK even if a little erratic, mostly due to my newbie status with Linux; I had 15 years with UNIX four of them as Superuser, the rest as a freelance usually in a support role. My problem came when I tried to start Firefox - the system just hung though the light on the CD drive blinked a lot, indicating some sort of activity. I did some checking and eventually found that eth0 status was CONNECTED and I could ping outside sites.  Clearly the connection was OK; I was (still am) puzzled that the LED for the connection on the modem glows yellow, all the other lights glow green.

      I took the CD out of the Damn Small Linux book and booted DSL 3.3 from it. With this running I was able to call up Firefox without any trouble and I could access an outside site satisfactorily.

      It would seem to me that the Firefox on my 4.11 is probably at fault - but where? How can I put put it right? Which version of Firefox is it anyway? Has it been shrunk to fit, so that it is non-standard? Firefox is now up to Ver. 15; I can download it but can I use Ver. 15 to replace the existing Firefox and how do I go about it?

      Help! anyone got any ideas? Please let me know.   Roll Eyes
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