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1  Damn Small Linux / Site News / Re: DSL coming back on: May 14, 2018, 09:28:28 AM
I successfully installed DSl on two favourite old laptops but I can only get LILO and not Grub working.
2  Damn Small Linux / Site News / Re: DSL coming back on: May 03, 2018, 01:53:00 AM
hello everyone,
DSL was a favourite a while ago and when I receive a donated laptop I end up dropping down to DSL after trying other 386 distros. They sometimes kindly tell me which parts of my processor their distro is missing. I still have my DSL CD from ages ago.
I would like to see DSL revived.
One real use - a bit obscure maybe - is that when you build an app for an older and/or slower machine you re-learn what you have taken for granted in terms of app architecture, the requirement for libraries etc. An old machine can be used as a host for file transfer demos etc.
By the way it was a surprise that when I logged into the forum I was still remembered. I should look up my creation date...
All the best - let us get this happening again.
We could at least have a 'latest version number indicator' so that we can track new events.
3  Damn Small Linux / Site News / Re: DSL coming back on: June 26, 2015, 01:30:51 AM
Thanks CNK. I knew the answers had to be somewhere, just not sure where to look. I'll dig into that stuff in a couple days and let you know how I made out. I'll post any further questions in the Help topic. Thanks again for your assistance.

Hi there, great to see DSL is making a return - I used it on many machines and always had a USB stick version for those networks I visited that had not disabled that feature. I installed the old
'Linux box 2.4.31 #6 SMP Fri Oct 21 15:15:54 EDT 2005 i686 unknown'
version on 'this' old laptop earlier this week and was pleased.  I see some comments about the apt stuff - I will try the new version. I use DSL for demos on old hardware to prove the point that old stuff is not always useless. Good for network ssh,putty demos and a bit of history which explains why some new distros can be weird...    I'd donate but ATM unemployed which is why I have so much time to test etc...
Great stuff
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