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1  Damn Small Linux / Laptops / Re: why won't my Logitech usb mouse work with the dsl system? on: October 07, 2012, 04:08:16 AM
Sorry for inability to help: I just have the same problem.
2  Damn Small Linux / HD Install / Re: how to install onto a HDD from one machine to put into another on: October 07, 2012, 03:39:26 AM
some one has an IBM thinkpad 560...
The "some one" is me, hello everybody  Grin
I have 560E (P166, 80Gb ram, 2Gb hdd, Trident video, Xircom (RE100) pcmcia nic)
It has nousb, nocdrom, nofloppy nofirewire configuration. I pulled the hdd, format /s it in my desktop with win95 CD, copied install files and then installed win98, then w2k on the original machine. I replaced obsolete IE with K-Meleon, installed ms office97 then office2k and the system is fully usable but...
But since I've tried Linux and BSD I'm their addict now so I just cannot be happy with only Windows.
The w2k install with 54 updates and office2k takes 1.5Gb out of 2Gb of my hdd. The current old bios v.1.04 is capable for 4-5Gb hdd but I simply couldn't find such a relict at local scrap yards so the smallest one I found is 30Gb and bios doesn't see it at all. I heard that latest bios v.1.13 is able to see 8Gb out of 20Gb hdd but I cannot update the bios because my battery is long dead but the utility refuses to flash without "fully charged battery".
I tried to install DSL with unetbootin. It boots but then "error 15: file not found". Not found menu.lst that is right there. Moreover it cannot find the hdd itself: "device doesn't exist". This is true for all dsl-4.4.10 "subversions" and all unetbootin versions.
With grub4dos I got DSL kernel booted but then "error 15: file not found" . This time not found "Knoppix" that is right there...

Well this thread is about to pull the hdd and put it into another machine, install DSL from liveCD and then place it back and enjoy.
As I know (but I tried anyway on my oldest P4 desktop) the trick never works: hardware is not the same so such "alien" installation won't boot on original machine. However...
I took the drive out, hooked it up to a thin client and did a simple frugal install.  Then just replug in and reassemble.
So the Admin (many thanks for your work, Sir!) knows how to do the trick and others here didn't complain. I went to wiki page but couldn't find there the case. I believe I understand "frugal install" (install beside Windows on fat/ntfs partition) but what does it mean "reassemble"? Or perhaps "thin client" is the key word?
Dear John, how did you do that in details?

If necessary I can backup my current win2k installation with parimage and totally free my "ultra thin" hdd, partition it with gparted (I use usb parted magic) and I "only" want to know how to proceed with installation itself.
In meantime I made liveUSB DSL booted it successfully on my desktop but couldn't even explore the installation 'cause it doesn't recognize my logitech usb mouse (expert install too). I tried then simply copy the usb content to the hdd and then boot it with grub4dos but no luck.
How to install DSL on my old "qt"?
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