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1  Damn Small Linux / User Feedback / Re: Can't "see" a USB stick - resolved on: October 20, 2012, 11:07:10 AM
I have (nearly) exactly the same problem.

In my case I am running DSL as the only system on an old Acer - not as a virtual machine.

I have tried fat32 and ext3 formats on the USB stick - all to no avail.

Typical message from mount command " mount -v /dev/sda /mnt/sda" (I left out the filesystem type so mount checks all types in /etc/filesystems) is :-

"mount: relocation error: mount: undefined symbol: blkid_known_fstype"

The usb stick is readable on several other Linux systems so the stick is fine.

Any suggestions welcome!


There was a problem with a 2GB usb stick that I was using. It was pre-formatted when bought to have two partitions; the first of about 1mb, the second with the rest of the 2GB. This stick cannot be seen by DSL.

Other usb sticks are fine - though the device name of the usb stick can be variable!

I put the stick in a usb port and use "dmesg" from a shell to see what device it is seen as (usually /dev/sdc1).

I have created an empty partition on the DSL computer as "/usbstick".

I then simply mount the usb device to the partition with the command "sudo mount /dev/sdc1 /usbstick"

After using the usb stick it needs to be unmounted with command "sudo umount /dev/sdc1" - usually the system says that the device is busy and can't be unmounted - I ignore this and remove the stick anyway.

I can see the usb stick now.

2  Damn Small Linux / Release Candidates / Re: New Release Candidate: 4.11rc2 on: October 17, 2012, 06:36:54 PM
Just upgraded from 4.10 on a 486 with 24 meg RAM i have had since 1988! 

And I thought I was too small with 180 meg RAM!

Works well for me also.

Congrats to the developers (though I will be posting a lot to get help with Dropbox, wireless, and no doubt other issues.

3  Damn Small Linux / Other Help Topics / Dropbox on DSL? on: October 15, 2012, 12:59:18 PM

Trying to install Dropbox on DSL gives an error because Glibc_2.4 (the GNU C library) is required and DSL has an earlier version.

Has anyone been able to update the library to 2.4?

Thanks in advance.
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