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1  Damn Small Linux / HD Install / Disk Write Error - Browser Crashes/Steam stops downloading on: January 28, 2018, 11:47:00 AM
I'm a bit worried my hard drive is dying at the moment, and I was hoping to get some other views on the matter before I tear my P.C apart.

A few days ago, I decided to partition my C drive in order to install ubuntu on to the new partition. I shrunk the volume, made a new one, and all was fine. When I went to restart the P.C, Windows wouldn't start, not matter what I did (boot priorities, system clean up, system restore, etc.)

I installed Ubuntu, found my Windows 7 installation CD, then reinstalled Windows 7 (Ultimate). At the custom installation screen, I deleted and formatted previous partitions - I am now left with my C Drive (100gb), D drive (10gb), F Drive (360gb), and the Systems partition.

Everything went well. However, when I went to download a game from Steam, the game randomly stops downloading - the 'Disk Write Error' status pops up. At the same time, my browser stops working (I use Google Chrome) and shows an "oops!" screen. After a few moments, I can use it again.

I can re-initiate the download in Steam, but it just repeats after a few moments of downloading...

Initially, the Steam folder was located on the C Drive. I thought it was an issue with disk space. I removed and reinstalled steam, deleted all game content, and saved the new content to my F Drive - the issue still repeats.

Be honest. Does this sound like my hard drive is dying? Has anyone had this issue before?

thank you
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