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1  Damn Small Linux / Other Help Topics / how can I install the cpuid diagnostic in dsl? on: December 14, 2013, 06:45:33 PM
I am trying to figure out if an old computer with a Pentium M processor has a Phyiscal Address Extention (PAE) capability (compaq nc4000)

Some distros come with a cpuid command.
Fedora, for examle:    https://admin.fedoraproject.org/pkgdb/acls/name/cpuid

DSL is the perfect live distro for trouble shooting, so I am running it on the laptop... but there is no cpuid command.

Can anyone help me get this installed? Or give me a work around?

I am a newb with limited shell experience.

2  Damn Small Linux / Other Help Topics / Re: vanilla pIII - dsl toram fails on: July 28, 2013, 03:48:01 PM
Follow up - resolved 

The system did not have 512 MB ram, it had 64MB. Embarrasing, yes!

When I added another 256MB I was able to use the toram boot option.

3  Non-DSL Topics / water cooler / youtube Linux Sucks LFNW 2012 on: July 07, 2013, 09:18:07 PM
I'm pretty new to Linux, maybe this is old stuff for you all, but I thought it was really funny.

The interesting thing is that Bryan Lunduke said that one of the main reasons Linux sucks is that it is slow. Worth watching the presentation just for that. DSL is not mentioned at all, but he makes a big deal about Puppy Linux as the growth leader.

I will enjoy hearing your comments.

4  Damn Small Linux / Other Help Topics / Re: internet connection - wired on: July 05, 2013, 12:25:57 AM
Thank you CNK, I will follow your advice out of curisousity, but presently I have a more willing victim for DSL experiements.

What little I know about drivers is from the windoz world, and I think they usually come with installers that (waving arms) tell the operating system that a driver has arrived.

Could the Ubuntu (Debian) driver for the Broadcom device work with DSL (also Debian) ?

Thanks again,
5  Damn Small Linux / Other Help Topics / vanilla pIII - dsl toram fails on: July 04, 2013, 03:21:48 PM
I have successfully run DSL 4.1.10 from CD on
    Pentium III 600MHz
    512MB Ram
   ASUS motherboard
Everything seemed to work, but it seemed a bit slow so I tried
boot: dsl toram

It spews messages like
   _alloc_pages: 0 order allocation failed - killing process bash
 then dies with a message
    "respawning too fast, disabled for 5 minutes" and also "no more processes at this runlevel"
5 minutes pass, same thing happens.

Is this my system or a known bug?
Can I provide info that will help developers?


6  Damn Small Linux / Other Help Topics / internet connection - wired on: July 03, 2013, 07:43:47 PM
I can not get this setup to connect to my home network:
    dsl 4.4.10 - running from CD
    Dell DimensionT1500
    broadcom corp unknown device 14e4:1692

Additional problem: I can not mount a flash drive, which means no saving setting for now.

The computer is running Ubuntu, which has no issues with network, or seeing the flash drive.
I was able to get my Dell Dimension 2400 to use DSL and see the flash drive.
I know how to ping self or other computers,  and how to use ipconfig/ifconfig.
I followed the suggestion in another "internet connection" post
   If this doesn't work, find the settings of your other computer (which I assume is also connected through
   the same router and working) by opening a terminal and typing
   "ifconfig" in Linux or "ipconfig" in Windows and read off the IP address.
   Then type it into the IP box of the DSL PC but increase the value of the fourth number by one.
    eg. if it is "" on your working PC, use "" for the DSL machine.

After I change the settings in dsl control panel/netcardconfig  I see no changes when I use ifconfig, still can not connect or ping.
during boot the see some mesages that the NIC is recognized, but I do not think a driver was loaded.

ideas? Rob
7  Damn Small Linux / Site News / Re: DSL coming back on: October 30, 2012, 12:25:56 AM
The search function does not seem to work in the old forum.

If it did work, the default search date should not be "this month and newer"

I'm a newb and looking to find help in the forum, but I can't browse the 1000's of posts!

Thanks, John, for coming back.

8  Damn Small Linux / Other Help Topics / newb - can't find the intro topic! on: October 29, 2012, 07:33:38 AM
Hello all -

I found The Official DSL Book in the Library - I have been using Ubuntu Studio, and trying to learn more about Linux.

I thought Damn Small Linux was a toy, but when I browsed the book I found a number of tasks that I thought would help me get more comfortable in Linux, so I brought it home.

Now I'm reading the book, and booted DSL on  my old Pentium-M Compaq notebook (lubuntu 12.10 barfed - "non pae") WOW was it FAST! And apparently, under the hood - opps, there is no hood - is a full blown kernal.

I look forward to exploring this forum, and ask you to bear with patience my newb question.

Best Regards,

Santa Cruz, CA

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