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1  Damn Small Linux / Release Candidates / Re: New Release Candidate: 4.11rc2 on: November 18, 2012, 08:57:09 PM
I installed this release in an Olivetti PCS P/75. This is a Pentium at 75 MHz, 16 Mb of RAM and 425 Mb of HD. It has a Winbond 10mbps PCI network card and Sound blaster 16 ISA card. The BIOS has no options to boot from CD so I used bootfloppy.bin to create a bootable floppy.

The first time tried to boot normally by pressing Enter and it booted fine until got stuck reading the CD forever with a blue screen.
Then tried F2 and entered "dsl 2", it booted fine to a command line where I could execute an HD install as described here:

All went fine, I assigned 25 Mb for swap and 400 Mb for ext2 partition.
The DSL desktop boots and works reasonably well given the computer specs. It takes two minutes to load up to an useable desktop. The mydsl app also works well, I installed Opera 8.52 and it was a quite fast install. Dillo viewer works pretty good, fast and little memory, for simple html may be fine but most pages look distorted.

Tried to run Firefox (the one that comes with DSL). Apparently it is a very heavy  memory eater. After 45 minutes of intense hard disk swapping, window title and border appeared. 15 minutes later tool and tab bars displayed. I kept trying to close the application and it finally closed.

Then tried Opera and it runs better than Firefox. Opens in reasonable time and seems to take memory depending on the complexity of the page being loaded. For instance simple pages load in reasonable time on this PC, more complex pages cause the PC to keep swapping to hard disk and run slow and even more complex pages cause Opera to close (I guess it runs out of memory).

Nice results.
2  Damn Small Linux / Release Candidates / Re: New Release Candidate: 4.11rc2 on: November 11, 2012, 03:04:01 AM
I did a HDD install in a PC with two ISA cards, a Sound blaster 16 and a network card 3Com 3C509-TPO. The sound card is detected automatically and works but the network card does not. The network card was working in the Windows 98 it had previously.
Following advice I found in past messages for DSL I added modprobe 3c509 in /opt/bootlocal.sh. The module loads without errors and appears in "lsmod" but the network still does not work.

"pump -i eth0" results in "Operation failed". I see a similar command is already in /opt/eth0.sh called from bootlocal.sh so I omitted this command here, but during startup I can see the Operation failed that results when it is run.

Also tried to play with /etc/network/interfaces by adding eth0 and the result is the same, /etc/init.d/networking stop (command ok) and then /etc/init.d/networking start and there is a "Operation failed" between the messages.

Is there a problem with ISA cards and this version of DSL? Thanks!

* EDIT: Solved
Looking at the log I noticed IRQ 10 was also being asigned to USB. In BIOS settings I assigned IRQ 10 to ISA and that fixed the issue. I am editing the message from this PC!
The curious thing is Windows 98 worked fine that way.

I like it supports a serial mouse too. Great job.

One thing I should mention. I am using a SVGA monitor that supports MAX 800x600 or 1024x768 interlaced and the first time I loaded Live CD it set a resolution the monitor did not sinc to. It would be nice if it had tried to read the monitor specs from the VGA data channel before setting high resolution modes or at least ask for the resolution before.
The startup options provided in the LiveCD are somewhat confusing. One says to specify a code from a table of resolutions (7xx) but when you do it says the code is invalid and presents a list of text modes (80x25, 80x32 ...). Is that right?
I could enter X only after blindly exiting with ctrl-alt-del and running xsetup.sh
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