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1  Damn Small Linux / HD Install / Persistence problems at HD install on: October 15, 2013, 11:56:47 AM
Hi, I want to make my HD install persistence. I use grub for bootloader but no luck on keeping things in good shape.

This is how my menu.lst looks like
title DSL
kernel /boot/linux24 root=/dev/hda1 home=hda1 opt=hda1 quiet vga=normal noacpi noapm noscsi frugal

I want my DSL to act like a normal OS. Keep everything as it is.

Urgent problem: export PATH doesn't stay, /home/dsl doesn't stay and /opt doesn't stay.

Yes, I read http://www.damnsmalllinux.org/wiki/persistence.html

Copying files doesn't work because it alwas is the same directorie I want to copy to.
mount /mnt/hda1 (made that "mount /dev/hda1 /home/dsl/drive" because /mnt/hda1 isn't in fstab)
mkdir -p /home/dsl/drive/home already is there
cp -a /home/dsl /home/dsl/drive/home is copy to itself

The same happens for /opt.


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