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 on: February 14, 2016, 08:28:21 PM 
Started by llnk - Last post by llnk

I recently came across an old Acer laptop. It's an Acer Extensa 368D which is from roughly 1999. It has Windows 98 installed, and it still boots. The LCD monitor seems to be defective, but i've managed to get it working using an external monitor attached to the VGA port.

Whenever i try starting DSL, the display looks very strange. It says the video adapter is VESA VGA. I have tried all of the different display "modes" but none worked. Most of the time i can see the linux desktop GUI, but everything is illegible.

I have also tried loading xsetup and changing the screen resolution and colours with no luck.

Any help would be much appreciated. I'd like to try recovering about 15mb worth of autocad files stored on the laptop hard drive.

 on: February 14, 2016, 08:27:44 AM 
Started by jcdq - Last post by CNK
Oh good, the forums are back online!

This appears to be the current site (http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/lout).

Here's a copy of the man page (http://www.linuxcertif.com/man/1/lout/).

 on: February 13, 2016, 06:26:16 AM 
Started by jcdq - Last post by jcdq
Hi, friends!
Where can I find some information about lout.dsl ?

 on: January 18, 2016, 11:28:54 PM 
Started by hugeness - Last post by CNK
The Supported Operating Systems page (https://veracrypt.codeplex.com/wikipage?title=Supported%20Operating%20Systems) on the Veracrypt website says that it will only work on Linux distributions with a v. 2.6 kernel or higher. DSL uses a v. 2.4 kernel, so it likely won't be compatible (though if desperate you could try compiling it anyway).

DSL-N uses a v. 2.6 kernel, so that might be an option. However I can't see an extension in the MyDSL Respository for the program, so you will need to compile it yourself from the source code.

 on: January 18, 2016, 11:20:51 PM 
Started by deyoungal - Last post by CNK
Seems like a hardware problem. Have you tried booting any other Operating Systems? It seems likely that they won't boot either.

Try reseating, or swapping out, the RAM. Failing that, perhaps also the CPU if it is worth the trouble of dismantling the laptop.

 on: January 18, 2016, 03:59:49 PM 
Started by deyoungal - Last post by deyoungal
When I try to boot in "failsafe" mode I end up with a screen containing

kevewtd has not started

Bad EIP value



and a bunch of other stuff

most other boot modes end with "black" screen.
a few end with with register dumps
none more interesting (to me) than the failsafe boot

Thanks for any help.


 on: January 17, 2016, 06:45:20 PM 
Started by hugeness - Last post by hugeness

Does veracrypt work on DSL?
wanted to plant a 1tb external drive in the office where I can login to it through OpenVNC or some such, but the disc is encrypted with veracrypt.

Thanks for stopping by.

 on: January 16, 2016, 03:47:36 AM 
Started by John - Last post by jharris1993
After a long hiatus I am bring this project back to life.  The first step was to bring this site back to working order.  We now have a functioning forum (this).  The old forum is now static HTML and it available here (http://damnsmalllinux.org/static/). 

Next I'll be doing a release of DSL to fix some bugs and time-bugs and get the distro in proper working order.  For now I do not see the scope of the project changing much -- the goal will be the same, pack as much utility and applications into 50 MB as possible.


First of all, let me thank you again for breathing new life into this distribution.

Second, though I know you want this distribution to live on - you seem to be suffering from the same kind of time constraints that the rest of us do, and it seems that you don't have as much time to devote to this as you'd like.

Since I don't want to see this wither away again because you're too busy, and I really don't think forking DSL is a good idea, would you consider the idea of opening up the distribution to additional help?  Perhaps a CVS system on Github, or something like that?

Both CNK and I have discussed (briefly) the idea of expanding the scope of the distribution team, and we both think that it would be a Good Thing for both you, and the distribution.

Think about it, and let us know what we can do to help.

Thanks again!

Jim (JR)

 on: January 16, 2016, 03:40:11 AM 
Started by jharris1993 - Last post by jharris1993

I had been running DSL 2.4 on my micro-system, and then installed 3.4.9.

In 3.4.9 Dillo is (more) constrained than in 2.4 (but it still leaks outside the visible area a bit).  Later I will load up the latest stable 4.n release and see what happens there.

So, let me re-phrase the question slightly:

Since my teeny-tiny micro-system seems to run more quickly on some of the earlier versions, is there some way for me to use Dillo on those versions where it is not properly constrained - so that it fits the screen properly?


Jim (JR)

 on: January 16, 2016, 02:23:08 AM 
Started by jharris1993 - Last post by jharris1993
One other tip:

After you've edited .xinitrc to remove dillo from there, (as noted above), you may want to edit the Dillo launcher by right-clicking on the Dillo icon and selecting "properties".

Once there, you will notice that Dillo is set to auto-launch the getting started page from there too.  If you substitute a favorite home page for the reference to the getting started page, (like http://www.dogpile.com - my favorite search engine!), it will automatically launch that page every time you start Dillo.

What say ye?

Jim (JR)

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