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Author Topic: Finding '' / -s- dfm:/ '' .  (Read 9546 times)
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« on: October 23, 2012, 12:41:05 AM »

I first found dsl when I needed a way to recover a friend's unbootable laptop, with lots of valued pictures on it.   I found and used the live CD, using it in RAM, and with it found the 'lost' pictures and got them onto a stick.   
Marvelous !!    And thank you John !!!   

I am trying to use it again now for the same thing with another unbootable laptop.   This was with dsl-4.4.10 .   

As you will know, the desk top in dsl-4.4.10 starts with five icons on it, top left hand corner, and the second one down is a brown folder marked ' Apps/ '.   
Double left click on that brings up a box filled with icons  ( Apps --- dfm:~/.dfmdesk/Apps/ ) .    This is the only way I have found to get to this particular view of these Apps.   
In this box, on the bottom line of the icons, is a red folder marked simply ' / ' , and it has a 'shortcut' symbol next to it.   (This folder not to be confused with the other red folder, on the second line, marked ' System/ '.)   
Double clicking on this red folder marked ' / ' opens a window labled  ' / -s- dfm:/ ' , which has what I would describe as a 'tree' in it, of all the folders and sub-folders on the computer.   
This is invaluable for what I am trying to do, and such a simple and easy way to find the 'lost' bits, pictures etc., that can then be transfered onto a stick.   

However(!), I cannot find this on dsl-4.11.rc2-syslinux....  ...those icons are not on the new desk top, and I can find no other way of finding ' / -s- dfm:/ ' .   ( As I said, in dsl-4.4.10 I have only ever found the one way:  bringing up ' Apps ' by left or right click, for example, still did not bring me to the 'red' folder ' / ', nor any other way of finding the tree view of ' / -s- dfm:/ ' . )   

So that is what I am after, that simple 'tree' 'folders' way of looking into all that is on a computer !!   
 Huh    I'd be much obliged,   TIA,   

One more thing :    If I am not able to  mount  the hard drive of the laptop that I am looking at (opperating it with a dsl live CD in RAM) is it most likely that it is because the hard drive is boken and US ....?    I can  mount  the CD itself, I can  mount  a memory stick, but apparently not the hard drive....   

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« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2012, 03:42:16 PM »

This thread looks a bit old, but
if you open a terminal & type 'ls -C' you will see your files in the directory you are in (probably /home).
Now type in 'ls -C /' & you should see all the folders on your partiton.
If you type 'ls -C /usr/bin' you will see a listing of program names, this is likely to be what you are after.
You might need to type 'ls -C /usr/bin | less' to see them without them rushing off screen.
To run a program type '<program-name> &'  then press return.

Linux since 1999
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« Reply #2 on: February 06, 2013, 09:18:11 PM »

Hi FatMac,   

Not too old !!   And thank you very much for your reply, and for taking the time.   I really appreciate it !   

Unfortunately, what you suggested has not solved the problem.   I think maybe the hard drive is just fkd.   

However, I am still trying to find the  "red folder marked simply ' / ' , and it has a 'shortcut' symbol next to it"  that I mentioned in my orriginal post.....   
(259 views,  1 reply....    ...interesting forum....    !)     

Thanks again to you fatmac,   

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