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Install on a ChromeBook?
I have installed AntiX on a Chromebook, and it runs very well. DSL is based on AntiX. I do need to have an external keyboard installed through USB though, since Linux doesn't normally have keymaps corresponding to the odd Chromebook layouts. I used to run "GalliumOS" on my Chromebook, but that is dormant now, so I removed it. It had the proper keymaps for Chromebooks. I actually like having an external keyboard anyway. I have run DSL, so far, only in VirtualBox, to try it out.

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Install on a ChromeBook? - by Jim2029 - 02-20-2024, 02:06 AM
RE: Install on a ChromeBook? - by John - 02-21-2024, 09:55 PM
RE: Install on a ChromeBook? - by jimdet - 02-26-2024, 03:57 PM

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