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Interest in a lower compression iso optimized for USB booting?
Hi Y'all!

First a quick comment on my crazy setup right now. Running Windows, VMware workstation and the DSL testing on that playing music from youtube. Running DSL testing on Qemu from which I'm typing this listening to the music. Have updated DSL and it just uses about 150-250 MB of RAM. All that at the same time on a laptop.

Thanks for posting this testing cut John! I have tried it in a lot of settings on both Vmware Workstation and Qemu on windows. It works without problems with 512 MB of RAM both on VMw. and Qemu. It boots in like 40-60 seks on VMw and even faster on Qemu on my laptop. I finally was able to make an install that is like a 10" screen on VMw. It really is an outstretched 1280x800 resolution of the testing cut. Sound works but on Qemu I can't make it work. It seems that the terminal on the top of the menu stops working if you make an update. All of this on hypervisors though.

The laptop that I have is really an anti Linux computer. After a lot of hacking in the BIOS it finally booted up the test cut on an usb drive but just to the screen where you choose boot options. After that just a bunch of error messages and I have to turn it off otherwise it boots a bitlocker reset. So unfortunately I have too use the VMware Workstation to run DSL with sound. I like to have some background music when I "work".

I use MX Linux, cousin to antiX I believe. MX gave a lot of resistance when I installed it. It just showed up like a tiny square on the screen. Then I checked the settings and almost every possible resolution was found there. I chose 1920x1080 and in a second it extended all over the screen. So that works well on VMw but so far I have to be content with a 10" screen for DSL but the things I use works including the sound. So I use MX when I "work" and DSL when I want to have some fun. So thanks again John for posting this test cut of DSL. Later on I think that DSL will work as it should even on this Linux hating laptop of mine.

Thanks for resurrecting DSL John,


When I came back to the install of DSL testing on the VMware Workstation it had "grown". Can hardly believe it. Now it's like an 11.5". It just has a 3/4 of an inch black border on the sides. Computers, at times, seem to have different personalities just like humans. I just don't understand!!!

// meo

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