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Interest in a lower compression iso optimized for USB booting?
OK--back-again. First, thank you. That did it for my more common (rt28XX) wireless adapter etc. First time everything worked smoothly all the way so I installed it started feathering a nest to try to live in it a while. Got enough installed to build a module for the real target wireless (rt8812), etc. Worst ram usage was <230MB and that was a tie with the (post-?) installer doing locales and about the same 230 dkms module-building. On the mighty 2003 32-bit celeron, I went to the grocery store during locales and another trip while building modules, but--once-installed, it's doing just fine, mostly. Put firefox-esr on because I could but that's a load and obviously requires copious ram but thought I'd mention it for others. We shall see Smile

The config coughs a few times only where desktop files have been changed or the Gtk warning hicolor issue mentioned elsewhere. Inspecting it, the hicolor icons are indeed installed. Specifically, it's
desktop-menu couldn't find applications-accessories

Thanks again, whatever it's called, it's better, here.

Edit: One thing I forgot to mention--and maybe others more familiar with Antix know--but it seems the DSL either live or during installer operation does NOT auto-mount existing swap partitions on the HD (I pre-formatted everything).  I swear that when I installed Antix core, not only did it detect them, it used them to stash all the apt-get update and install stuff from the live run.  Maybe one more thing--the change time and date button in the control center seems to be a placeholder only (?).

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