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Interest in a lower compression iso optimized for USB booting?
You're welcome. Right, it doesn't look possible to replace XZ with Zstandard for the main ISO and stay within the 700 MiB size limit. However, I think it is possible to replace lz4 with Zstandard for the low-compression ISO and preserve the USB/VM boot speed.

I have performed a rough benchmark to see if this is the case. For the benchmark, I used a VM (VirtualBox 7 on a Linux host) instead of a USB flash drive so USB transfer speed didn't cap the decompression speed. I put the ISOs on an NVMe drive and created a variant of the RC1 ISO with Zstandard SquashFS. To measure the approximate boot time, I started my phone's stopwatch when I reset the VM and stopped it when Conky appeared on the screen. When the boot menu came up, I quickly pressed Enter to skip it. Like I said, rough! :-)

Here are the results I got (in seconds):
  • dsl-2024.rc1.iso (648M): 36, 37, 36
  • dsl-2024.rc1.lz4.iso (1116M): 24, 23, 25
  • dsl-2024.rc1.zst.iso (767M): 25, 25, 24

It looks like lz4 and Zstandard are both so fast that other factors determine the boot time. The higher maximum possible decompression speed of lz4 doesn't seem to make a difference in this situation.

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