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Can`t install opensh-server!
I can`t install opensh-server!
I update apt, run sudo apt install openssh-server:  It gives me: "openssh-server : Depende: openssh-client (= 1:9.2p1-2+deb12u2) pero 1:9.2p1-2.0nosystemd1 va a ser instalado" What am I doing wrong?
Are you also getting the error about "EXPKEYSIG DB36CDF3452F0C20"? Try the solution here.
Thank you, Yan!!!!
John, this is the problem I mentioned caused by the expired AntiX GPG key: there are errors when trying to install or update some programs.
If you look at upstream anticap is talking maybe end o' June for cutting a 0.2 release to incorporate that...but rebasing here might (?) not be such a big deal at the end of a very long line of testing.

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