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Can DSL Support these apps
I'm looking to use DSL as my base OS for the following, each on their own PC:

Apache server & PHP
Jenkins Build Server
MySQL Server
GIT Server

Will DSL be able to install all of the required components for each of these?
DSL descends from antiX, MX, and ultimately Debian bookworm, so in theory if something is possible on Debian bookworm, it is possible on DSL. Managing startup/init and control may be different because DSL uses runit instead of systemd, but I like your chances to run anything that runs on Debian. If there are questions, you may always check for solutions upstream in antiX (23.X 32-bit runit) first. Better-yet, you might post your own HOWTO if anything differs from "normal".
FYI in case anyone else ends up here.

MySQL Server (MariaDB) installation successful without any issues. Just followed a tutorial for installing MariaDB on Debian. Successfully installed MySQL, MariaDB, PHP, LIGHTTPD, PHPMYADMIN

EMACHINES T3085 (circa 2004)
2.16 GHz AMD Athlon XP 3000+
160 Gb HD
512 Mb 333MHz DDR RAM
Integrated GeForce4 MX 64MB Graphics
GIT/GITEA Server installation was successful with some modifications

Installed GIT, no issues.

Then following this procedure:
I used this binary for my system: gitea-1.22.0-linux-386

Completed all steps up to: Running Gitea -> 1. Creating a service file to start Gitea automatically (recommended)

Then using this link:

I created the runit run service file in /etc/sv/gitea/ (with modifications) using this link:
I had to replace the user "gitea" with my git user account created during the install and the rewrite the service launch to this:
USER=git HOME=/var/lib/gitea GITEA_WORK_DIR=/var/lib/gitea/ exec chpst -u git:git /usr/local/bin/gitea web -c /etc/gitea/app.ini

Then I added the symlink to /etc/service/ and enabled the service. I was then able to access the web service at localhost:3000 and finish the installation pointing to my Mariadb external server.

DELL OPTIPLEX 170L (circa 2004)
Single CPU i686 32-bit
Intel® Celeron CPU 2.40GHz
512 Mb SDRAM 266MHz
Perfect--thank you very much!
UPDATE: Jenkins Installation

Installation of java was a success using: sudo apt install default-jdk

Jenkins will not install using apt install. It presents numerous error messages from keys to dependencies. Even after messing with the system for a day I could not get it to install using apt. I did find a tutorial on installing the keys, but to no avail, as the apt install still failed. The final dead end was this message:

The following packages have unmet dependencies:
sysvinit-utils : Conflicts: lsb-base (< 11.3~)
sysvinit-utils-antix : Conflicts: lsb-base (< 11.3~)
Breaks: sysvinit-utils but 3.06-4 is to be installed
E: Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages.

I believe my lsb-base is 11.6

I finally resorted to a manual installation and using this guide:

You have to create all of the directories it will need, download the war file and move it to /usr/share/java/jenkins. Add your jenkins user. Set up the service to launch the war file and browse to a web interface to finish installation.

I used this war file:

It was a real pain, but I have Jenkins working.

COMPAQ PRESARIO (circa 1999)
Single CPU i686 32-bit
Intel® Celeron 466 (Mendocino) CPU 466MHz
256 Mb PC100 RAM
Bravo! I think you just threw down a Jenkins gauntlet -- might as well post us a:

inxi -SM

Nicely done, thank you for posting details and congrats.
Here you go.

Host: compaq-dsljenkins Kernel: 5.10.188-antix.1-486-smp arch: i686 bits: 32
Console: pty pts/0 Distro: antiX-23-runit_386-base Arditi del Popolo 26 August 2023
Type: Desktop System: Compaq product: Compaq PC v: N/A serial: <superuser required>
Mobo: Compaq model: 0608h serial: <superuser required> BIOS: Compaq v: 686C2 date: 09/08/1999
UPDATE: Web Server Install

After a lot of reading, I decided that Apache was going to be a lot of overhead for the hardware that I am targeting, given that, I decided to install nginx as my base web server.

nginx installs fine using apt and I was able to get the server up and serving static html right out of box. However, I was also targeting PHP and that is where nginx failed for my hardware. nginx php compatibility requires php-fpm and that requires 64 bit and systemd. This post on the antix forum explains a lot. When I attempted to install php-fpm I got the dependency on systemd or systemd-tmpfiles error. Knowing that I was running the 32 bit distro, I quickly moved on from nginx and installed lighttpd.

lighttpd installs fine following basic instructions for any debian system and for php it relies on php-cgi, which has no problem installing on my hardware. I was able to serve up static html as well as php scripts with no problem.

I may revisit Apache and if I do, I'll be sure to post an update here.

EMACHINES (Gateway) T3304 (2005)
2.0GHz AMD Sempron 3300+ 64 bit Processor
2.0Ghz DDR RAM

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