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This is my first post here and first post on any BB.

I am running a Dell 1501. with the following specs. It's barely usable with normal Linux, so I was curious to see how it'll perform with DSL. Here are it's specs:
CPU: slow
RAM: 2GB (according to conky)
Screen: 1280x800 (according to conky)
Stock HDD about 110GBGB (according to conky)

I am a unix novice. I am a linux mint and windows 7 user. So my level of computer knowledge is low. Booting from installation media was without problems. I wanted to try a web browser with an email server, so I tried to launch badwolf and connect to proton, and I was expecting to be required to enable java script for that site. However, badwolf would not display anything to the screen. I tried some other sites and toggled some switches but nothing worked. By using dillo, I was able to get something to display, but with badwolf, nothing. I looked through the FAQ, but nothing struck me to try. I am using a linux mint system to send this. I did find a screen shot of badwolf running and there was a banner at the top, my system didn’t have one, and nothing I tried worked.

Since I am using the dell as a spreadsheet engine and gnumeric works good, I don’t need an immediate answer, but DSL runs well on the dell, so I would like to get this fixed.

John Kerschen Smile
Check the upgrade threads above about upgrading. I've installed Firefox that way and it works perfectly.

// meo

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