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Keyboard shortcuts?

I am trying out the alpha - two motivations, a fun excuse to bring life back to my eeepc 701 + a desire to observe and maybe give feedback to the evolution of a new OS

A bit of context, I am not quite an intermediate linux user but not quite a novice either. I do quite a bit of python development on ubuntu in my day to day so I know my way around debian derivatives on desktop and in servers.

I have really liked the DSL2024 experience so far Smile

The first feedback / observation I've noticed is that either there are few keyboard shortcuts that are common elsewhere, or they do not work on my eeepc keyboard - I know that the buttons work because the usual nano and tmux commands that rely on alt, shift, ctrl work.

Alt+ Tab also works, as does ctrl+w (sometimes), as does alt+f4

Could we perhaps add a way to add keyboard shortcuts? as well as a more comprehensive set of defaults

The "useful ubuntu shortcuts" are a good set to align to.

The biggest one I miss however is ctrl+alt+t which I regularly use to open a terminal - given that DSL will be so terminal and text editor heavy, I'd imagine a shortcut to quickly open up a new terminal is vital..

I will share more feedback as I get the time to play around a bit more - if there is already a way to do this, please let me know Smile

Also - I recognize that the intent is to keep the installer as small as possible - so local docs/manuals are removed. Perhaps there is a way to make docs be served over the web? At work I have used github-pages to offer free doc hosting. Just a thought.

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