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Windows and WSL 2!?
Some time ago I tried to use WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) to install Linux on my Windows 11 laptop. The first time I was just able to install Ubuntu headless (no gui in other words). Now WSL 2, an updated version is available, is able to handle a GUI also. The internet are swarmed with HOWTO's about this. So I decided to give it a try since Kali Linux, a distro I've been using for some years, is among the Linux Distributions that has cooperated with Microsoft to make it easier to install on later editions of Windows. No I haven't tried to hack any Corporations or governmental institutions (even if an unnamed institution is acting like a "Big Brother" all over the world). I'm purely a White Hat (if you notice any speck on my hat it's just dust ;-)). I have been programming a lot of Python (nice guy that Guido van Rossum) on it since it contains a lot of Python libraries and therefore supports most any project I've taken on. To make a long story short I now have the latest Kali Linux fully functional on my laptop that was designed for Windows. I find that kind of an impressive move of Microsoft. So why bring this up here? Well in the WSL documentation it says that ANY Linux distro could be made to work the same way by importing a tar file of it (I assume they mean a tar-ball). Since I just have made it work with Kali Linux, a pretty big distro, and I'm just kind of enjoying the victory over my laptop when it comes to host a Linux Distribution in a way that is far better than using any kind of virtualization software, I haven't checked the statement that ANY Linux Distro could be installed using this subsystem. I think it would be amazing if DSL-2024 could be installed this way but I have to investigate it further. At least Kali Linux works as if it was installed on the "bare bones" on this computer.

// meo

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