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Successfully running DSL in 1024x600.
Hi again John!

This try went better. Also booting from USB in safe video mode but I changed the safe for fbdev and then I got the right resolution, 1024x600 and it looks very good. Tried to install but the installation medium check told me the medium was corrupt so I didn't pursue it. Skipping the test would probably result in being able to install. Haven't decided yet but so far it has been a very pleasant experience. I think Badwolf is a good choice for the distro by the way.

// meo
I have tried to install DSL-2024rc1 a couple of times but it just doesn't work. I tried to make a dual boot still having Win 10 and also DSL-2024. Windows doesn't even appear as a boot option and DSL just crashes when trying to start the GUI.

// meo
Probably more relevant for other potential users as I assume you know what you're doing:

I guess you checked first with e.g.
md5sum -c dsl-2024.rc1.lz4.iso.md5.txt
? .. It's what I always do, just to be sure. This is assuming the .ISO is in the same directory as the checksum text file.

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