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Problem installing DSL on other partition
I want to install DSL in my /sda4. I had there slitaz installed. The installation went fine.
But when I boot the computer I got an error message:
"error no such devise 2l0a................. "
"error file /boot/vmlinuz-3.16.55-slitaz not found

Grup still has slitaz recognized in that partition. When I go to Grub to edit
the last line says:

"linux /boot/vmlinuz-3.16.55-slitaz root=/dev/sda4 "

I don't know much about Grup. But it seems that I have to change the last line
and where it said /boot/vmlinuz-3.16.55-slitaz change it to the DSL image to boot.
If that is the case: What do I have to write there?

Don't mind to re-install. But the part where it said where to put Grub it was
not clear to me. I left on the default, MBR

I would appreciated some help.
Let DSL install and configure Grub; don't do so yourself. If you want a choice of OS to boot, do the change described here.
Yan thanks. Your help solved my problem. Some minor things:
The grub file already had the line. I just change the false to true.
The update-grub program was not installed. I found it with synaptic.
It is not a single executable. Comes together inside another package.

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