Time for a change

You have your own domain now, and you say that it has a good and unforgettable name, and that it sits on a solid *nix platform, and that you have a unique IP?

Wow, you did all that already? Great! You must be taking this very seriously. Now I have a shock for you. You are going to have to have a brain transplant. Your programmer's mind will only get you so far, and it is very critical for you to at least temporarily get a new mind set. You need to think like a content publisher.

I hear all the shrieks out there, but it is unavoidable. If you truly want to achieve the goal of generating income from your OS project you need to become a content publisher, that website of yours, with that great name and solid hosting, needs to become your new best friend. You need to boast about it, ask people to check it out and put your best work into it -- much more on this topic to come.

All your income will be an extension of this website, and all my advice is based on you having your own domain. It will become your projects lifeline.

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