Own your project space

Before getting into the specifics I want to tell you that it is critical for you to own your own project space. You need the freedom to do what it takes to pull that income from your project, and you will not be able to do that unless it is your space which you are occupying.

Why? Because you are not only a software developer, but you are (or you will be) an Internet content publisher. This is your life line, and the cornerstone of everything I am going to outline.

So, here is your first step:
Get a real domain name and pay for real hosting where you can do what needs to be done.

Make sure you get a domain that is related to your project brand. Shorter domain names are better than long. If you can pick a name that will stick in people's mind you will be ahead. Damn Small Linux is such a name, people remember it.

Also, make sure you have a proper *nix environment to work in. This should probably go without saying for most of us, but you are going to need access to the high quality yet free web software only available on a *nix (Linux/FreeBSD) system. Also, you are an OS developer, and any self respecting OS developer should be on an OS platform, I mean com on! ;-)

Here is something most people do not think about, but make sure you go with a hosting company with a good reputation, one that is reliable and has not been abused by spammers. Also, try to get a plan where they give you a unique IP. You do not want your baby sharing space with the riff raff of the net.

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