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How search engine friendly is my site?

This is an important question. You need to pay attention to words people use when looking for a project such as yours.

This is why DSL is called "Damn Small Linux" not "Zigloo Linux" or "Boofy Linux" -- the "Damn" is so people remember the name and the "Small Linux" is descriptive of what the project is about. It is also a big part of the reason why the project is found for the term "small linux" in the search engines.

There is a lot to write about this topic, but I'll sum it up here and give a condensed version.

Here are some pointers:
Use static pages if you can
Pay attention to the content of the page and make sure that the title reflects the content of the page
Don't use Java, flash or javascript for navigation or content
Don't use session IDs if you can help it
Don't use crazy redirects or meta refreshes
Simple page construction is better
Don't do anything deceptive such as hidden text

At the DSL website we actually hacked all the interactive scripts to make them more search engine friendly. A lot of community software uses session IDs in their query strings, which could impact your search engine ranking. Try to pick software that gives clean URLs. Drupal is a good community application that already incorporates mod_rewrite to give clean URLs. I also wrote the ecommerce script myself to make sure it uses clean URLs even though it is dynamically generated.

I am also a big advocate of having a static index page. This gives you fine control of layout. Another big plus is that if your project ever ends up on a site like or your server will be a lot less strained -- you don't want your site down when you should be getting all that traffic.

That community which you are working so hard to develop is your websites source of unique content. Search engines love unique content, so you need to make sure they have access to what they love.

I mentioned before that it is critical to own your project's space on the web. This means that you really need your project to sit in one central website. Do not allow mirrors to duplicate your content, this will hurt your search engine rankings and also limit your ability to monetize your project.

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