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green Offline

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Posted: Nov. 23 2005,01:58 QUOTE

I thought it was worth bringing up that John, Robert, and the Development Team have engineered a nifty tool for DSL that often goes overlooked.


What a great little tool. I first used mkmyDSL back when DSL 0.9.2 was new (started using DSL with version 0.8.2) and used it again within the last couple of days. I think more folks should pay attention to what this thing does and capatalize on it's power.

Basically, what I do with it is this:

I get my fav DSL CD out and spin it live toram.
Then I start grabbing extensions... all kinds of stuff, and start putting them in their proper locations.
Next, I light up Firefox and start making my fav bookmarks.
Then, I tweak fluxbox to suit my fancy (transparency, etc)
All other tweaks get done (emelfm buttons, etc,).
Anything I modify, I add to: filetool.lst
Then I do a backup and save in the proper place.

Reboot again, but this time using: dsl 2 toram

Follow the instructions in the DSL Wiki and when you are done you end up with a LiveCD that has all the stuff YOU want. Mine has all the extensions I use, bookmarks, eye candy tweaks, etc. And it's all on the CD. No more downloading stuff and making directory's, etc. Just pop it in, spin it up, and BLAM! you got yourself your own little custom DSL Live CD.

I have built some that are specific to a particular machine, but some are done to be generic so I can stick it in most any machine and have everything I need right at my fingertips. This is great when you can not or are not allowed to change BIOS to boot USB or on a machine with no USB. Or maybe you do not have a USB flash drive. CD-R's are much cheaper than USB flash drives and have plenty of room to store all the things you want for YOUR custom.

This is plain great no matter how cut it.

Does it get any better?
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mrbatman Offline

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Posted: Dec. 07 2005,22:10 QUOTE

yes, CD-RWs !
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logicmaster2003 Offline

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Posted: Dec. 11 2005,18:14 QUOTE

Hi I was wondering if u can help me..  regarding "mkmydsl". Note that I still have about 200MB left on my usb thumbdrive.  

1) I booted up to "dsl toram" like u mentioned
2) I entered "sudo su" to do this mkmydsl privilege task
3) on the "Enter your extension directory", I entered my usb thumb drive "/mnt/sda1"
4) on the "Enter the directory to hold the new myDSL iso", I entered "/mnt/sda1"  (so I can create a live cd from this newly-created iso image)

then it says "Copying DSL image for remastering..
cp: failed to preserve ownership for '/mnt/sda1/KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX' : Operation not permitted "

etc etc.

any idea ??  Thanks in advance !
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roberts Offline

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Posted: Dec. 12 2005,17:08 QUOTE

Personally, I would not attempt to do a remaster on a flash type of device.
Usually, I boot the liveCD with
dsl 2 toram base norestore

And this is on a machine with two partitions that are Linux ext2 type.
It will not work on fat partitions.
I mount the partitions, one partition is where my MyDSL extensions were previously saved. The other is for the output of the mydsl.iso

Once the mydsl.iso is created and burned to a cdrom. I then test it for proper operation and they use it to do an update to my pendrive.

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logicmaster2003 Offline

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Posted: Dec. 13 2005,04:36 QUOTE

Thank you so much guys for your help and tips regarding the MkmyDSL which is indeed a brilliant idea  !

now i've burned 2 different custom lived CD !

* one is for low-profile (aka laptop with 256MB ram):
- GAIM ( a "must-have" application )
- MPLAYER ( another "must-have" for all audio/video playback)
- TUXVXP (my only favorite background wallpaper)

* one is for high-profile (aka beefy desktop with plenty of memory):
- XMame ( old-school games such as zaxon, asteroid, berzerd, etc)
- XGalaga
- Maxima (really cool mathematical modelling with equations/graphs)
- OpenOffice (who can live without this ? )

thanks again for the assistance :)

actually I've burned 4 copies of each.. I'm giving 1 to my boss, 2 for my 2 sisters, and 1 for my sister's neighbor who is a computer tech :)    I'm 100% they'll be hooked on DSL like me !!!
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