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Question: Firefox :: Total Votes:27
Poll choices Votes Statistics
Update to Firefox v2 gtk1. 7  [25.93%]
Leave Firefox as is. 3  [11.11%]
Remove Firefox from DSL. 17  [62.96%]
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stupid_idiot Offline

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Joined: Oct. 2006
Posted: April 08 2008,16:43 QUOTE

Yes, but links 2.x uses its own fonts and graphical appearance.
I prefer the "text console" look.

Apart from appearance, ELinks has more features, I think.
- Forward key ("u")
- URI rewriting

For those who don't know about Links:
Links homepage
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^thehatsrule^ Offline

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Joined: July 2006
Posted: April 08 2008,19:26 QUOTE

Quote (jaapz @ April 08 2008,09:21)
i tested v2 with 64mb ram, works well for me! now my default browser :)

Is that with any swap?
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kuky Offline

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Joined: May 2005
Posted: April 08 2008,20:49 QUOTE

i vote to  jason for president...

:D  :D

i think is better to use a ff.uci with the latest tecno and also translate for diferents languages ( a common procedure its needed)...

i am runing esfirefox2011.uci that is the latest state of the art in dsl (pride of newbys)with a celeron 400 and 128 mb ....i think its necesary to design dsl with a modular grow in function of utility and languages...

the first  dsl module or level  is the clasic 50 mb, to a basic procedures ,surf the web,mp3, hd recover tools and rescue of old pcs with something broken...(only in english)

the second level is a offimatic solution with OOo firefox and thunderbird and networking,free wireless community  included, with programs in diferents languages (kukydsl project) .

the 3 level is to add multimedia and image solutions...

the 4 level is to do a universal cluster with all dsl-maniacs over the world to prevent the war , hungry , climate change and other human-natural disasters... only frustrating problem with dsl is to print .....
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jpeters Offline

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Joined: April 2006
Posted: April 08 2008,22:44 QUOTE


You might want to get the printer working somewhere between multimedia and saving the world...

EDIT:  ..although the scanner can come later..
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imhennessy Offline

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Joined: April 2007
Posted: April 13 2008,16:07 QUOTE

I voted for removal.
Dillo does almost everything I need, and the firefox/bon echo 2 uci is great.

I'm only mentioning this in this thread because there was a question about anyone having trouble with the uci, and I have had some.

I will gather my info and do a full fledged "Help Me!" soon, but in the mean time I will mention that I made the mistake of loading the Flash plugin for the uci, and immediately all web pages with flash killed firefox, no matter which version I tried.  Rebooting did not help.

Further details to be posted in a separate thread.
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