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John Offline

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Posted: June 19 2008,17:58 QUOTE

As you know DSL has benefited from the work of your project.  We are prepared to remove all use of murgaLUA and derived work, but I am hoping it will not come to that.  What specifically can we do to comply with your wishes while allowing the DSL community to benefit from your fine work?
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JohnMurga Offline

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Posted: June 19 2008,19:22 QUOTE

Thanks for the response,

I will attempt to be as open minded and fair as you have been ...

I wouldn't and can't ask you to remove murgaLua and derived works.

All I can do is ask you to comply with the license by putting something in the header of :


Stating it's ultimate origin, and maybe a link to the GPL and the copyright of the original work ... Same applies to other source files that may be present.

And putting something in the version message of your lua launcher that acknowledges the inclusion of portions of murgaLua with the purpose of powering your FLTK UIs (so that when "lua" is invoked without parameters it displays the underlying copyrights - as murgaLua does).

The fact you need a "require" keyword to link to my FLTK code doesn't mean my code isn't present in your distribution.

These changes and the cause for them should also really be included in your release notes for the next DSL version.

I am flexible as to the wording of all this, and I hope you understand my intent.

If this happened within a reasonable timeframe it would address my GPL concerns, as it is what I was hoping for against hope (the reason why I have not yet sent the takedown notices I have drafted).

One thing that would be nice is a text file in same directory as your ISOs stating what you extracted from murgaLua and where the compilable source can be found online, along with a statement indicating that this represents a limited subset of what's available in the standard murgaLua environment.

What would also be nice is to leave this, and the locked thread in place as evidence of what transpired (for all of us who argued to remember and think about).

As for the underlying reason for the changes on your side, and what we can do if indeed you have any interest in the evolution of the core murgaLua ...

I think some time has to pass for the air to clear, I have to read your forums in more detail to understand where our priorities still intersect, and then we can take it from there if it still makes sense ... I do have an open mind, and maybe a murgaLua light is what some require, but I would like this to be done properly and be part of an identifiable and consistent proposition as opposed to a series of hacks in different places.

In that respect it helps to talk, and I feel mikshaw would make a perfect bridge if he desired because of his prior involvement and extremely helpful and even handed demeanor at all times ... He did make me enjoy supporting DSL when things where going well.

Let me know if we can put this matter to rest, although I understand that you need roberts agreement before proceeding.

Many thanks

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clivesay Offline

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Posted: June 19 2008,19:36 QUOTE

Very good clear response. I sincerely hope everyone can come to an agreement. :)  I'm glad that you held off on actions until you had communication with John and RS.
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John Offline

Group: Super Administrators
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Joined: Sep. 2003
Posted: June 19 2008,20:39 QUOTE

Thank you for your response John.  Robert and I have talked and we will be happy to comply with most of your requests.
These include:
- modifying the header of fltk.lua to your satisfaction
clearly acknowledging murgaLUA in our next release and sighting the modifications to fltk.lua
- adding a text file in the same directory as our ISOs saying that we are using a limited subset of murgaLua and providing the URL for the compilable source where one can take advantage of all the features of murgaLUA proper
- leave this thread and the other locked thread for all to see

The one issue we have is in adding the murgaLua copyright notice to the command line invocation of the Lua interpreter.  The reason why is that this interpreter is LUA proper and not murgaLUA, which as you know is being used as a library in DSL along with other libraries.  However, we can  modify our .luafltkrc to print to stndout a MurgaLua copyright notice every time the murgaLua-FLTK library is invoked at the command line.  Would you find that satisfactory?

BTW a light version would be great!  As you know we chose murgaLUA as our primary GUI because of its speed and compactness.

Thank you,
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kuky Offline

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Posted: June 19 2008,21:50 QUOTE


beers to all and peace over the world

ps is hidden camera for tv program ?
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