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Topic: Alt Gr Problem with German Keyboards and XFree86, I found a solution< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
MoonMind Offline

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Posted: Jan. 29 2006,10:15 QUOTE

I truely admire this kind of thorough fix, but wouldn't it be easier to get the de-latin1-nodeadkeys.kmap.gz from another system (like a Debian system) and just copy it into /usr/share/keymaps/i386/qwertz/ ?

Tried it - it's not the point. The map loaded at bootup is "de" instead of "de-latin1-nodeadkeys". That seems to be it - but I've yet to locate the file from which the KEYBOARD variable is read in order to change that...

Loading "de-latin1-nodeadkeys" fails altogether:
Code Sample
$ loadkeys de-latin1-nodeadkeys
Loading de-latin1-nodeadkeys.kmap.gz
loadkeys: de-latin1-nodeadkeys:4: cannot open include file de-latin1.kmap

Isn't the include supposed to include de-latin1.kmap.gz?

Okay, but anyway, the idea doesn't seem to have been a good one...

loadkeys doesn't work on the live CD either - so there must be something else to load and set keymaps... I've seen a somewhere - is that it?

Okay, I've found /etc/sysconfig/knoppix and changed settings there - about to reboot, hopefully see you soon with some good news...

Nope, no joy. I consider this a but or at least a flaw in the system - even isn't able to set the keymap to de-latin1-nodeadkeys (it employing loadkeys, in fact, so that's bound to happen).

Closing in on the issue... I tried sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales, was told that locales wasn't installed, tried sudo apt-get install locales and found broken dependencies - glibc-2.2.5-11.8 is missing. Having known DSL for a while (and loving it for its size as well as for its functionality), I guess this is intentional - any ideas on how to change this? I coulnd't get any version of glibc via apt-get using the default repositories...
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freeze Offline

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Posted: Jan. 30 2006,08:40 QUOTE

I just found the file that you maybe need. /opt/
thats my /opt/
Code Sample
# put other system startup command here
loadkeys de-latin1-nodeadkeys

"There is *always* one more bug." -Lubarsky's Law of Cybernetic Entomology
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Jurgen272 Offline

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Posted: Jan. 31 2006,14:03 QUOTE

Anyone tried "xkeycaps.dsl" ?
For me it did solve a lot off problems on an azerty/Belgian keyboard.
Maybe the app will do the same for other (eg DE-keyboards)

Just find jour keyboard in the list and save.

Add "xmodmap ~/.xmodmap-`uname-n`" to your .xinitrc file to preserve the keyboard after booting.
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Quick Reply: Alt Gr Problem with German Keyboards and XFree86

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