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bkil Offline

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Posted: Nov. 02 2006,20:55 QUOTE

Quote (gigi1234 @ Aug. 24 2006,21:29)
yeah trouble is, I have to use fromhd and can't use lowram too

it has 16 MB but I am trying to upgrade to 40 MB. I think X needs 32 to run.

Hi there.

Foreword: I've used Firefox on DSL with 32MB of memory, and it runs "okay" if we don't count the minutes of start-up time, but replacing KDrive with a well configured XFree is a must. So you're on the right track with RAM upgrade. :)

I think I have observed the same 'ramdisk' problem with my P1/16MB config (using Smart Boot Manager), I'll illustrate a basic workaround that I applied at CD boot-time.
Code Sample
/grub\ dsl 2
# make real dirs
rm /tmp
mkdir /tmp
rm /opt
mkdir /opt
# login home
su dsl
cd /home/dsl
export HOME=/home/dsl
startx #or
dslinstall #or whatever
X is hitting swap bad over here with the default settings, but is comfortable after disabling all the eye-candy: opt for the minimal theme, edit .xinitrc (and .desktop) to inhibit, fluxter, docked.lua, torsmo, and dillo's automatic startup. You might also see a memory advantage of cutting syslogd from /opt/, reducing the number of tty's in /etc/inittab or even tweaking the login shell and startx scripts to use ash. Most included applications perform fair after having done all said. Another advice is to do an uncompressed install, and use a swap partition that resides between your boot and data partition.
One thing I'm still working on, is that the system still operates as slow as if only half of the memory was available, because the caches take no less than 7-9MB... Some tweaking in /proc might help, I hope no kernel recompilation is necessarry. ???

(An informative note: the X in a full muLinux 14R0 install running on libc5 + kernel 2.0.xx "flies" on a 8-16MB 486. :p )

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rhpk Offline

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Posted: Dec. 29 2006,13:02 QUOTE

I post my contribution here in the case of a user getting to this page in search of a solution.

BTW, I got the very same problem after burning my own modified copy of DSL. Following the directions in the create_compressed_fs's man page, I created the KNOPPIX file using mkisofs's command line switch "-r".

Unfortunately, that flag mangles the files' permission bits so as to make them more compatible with different systems unable to handle those bits (namely Windows).

Badly enough, this destroys the suid bit of Xvesa (and any other suid program in the KNOPPIX cloop image) making it impossible to start it as dsl user.

The solution is simply use the '-R' flag which preserves that bit.

After that, everything went fine.

Hope this helps.
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Quick Reply: DSL boots into runlevel 2, problem with ramdisk?

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