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AwPhuch Offline

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Posted: Mar. 17 2005,02:17 QUOTE

Dunno, might be possible...but you could do a HD install, the thing has a 20 Gig HD, wireless, bluetooth, the whole shebang, and it tiny!


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tronik Offline

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Posted: Mar. 17 2005,20:39 QUOTE

Yes, OQO's are nice. My best friend has one. I on the other hand, have a Sharp Zaurus.

A Zaurus is a little strongarm machine that runs linux. It is in some senses a PDA, but in other (and in my regard) an amazing machine.

I do not use it as a PDA, although it is possible...however the real hacker will squeeze as much functionality of his Z as possible.

I have the developers version, it is no longer sold. I sing its praises because It has wifi, infrared, Secure Digital (SD) expansion slot, and Compact Flash (CF) expansion slow. Mine does not have a hard drive, however they have some that do have hard drives.

Try (or visit sharps website) if you're interested. The newest ones are very small, RUN LINUX, and are a fraction of the cost of an OQO. ;) The newest ones are clamshell design (ie. palmtop-laptop) the older ones are PDA looking with slide-out keyboards. the keyboard is almost perfect for the form factor ;) mine (my machine) is not much bigger than an ipod.

OQO's are nice however...and I would jump at the chance to get one...but as for me and my Z...we will be content with it being an amazing little wireless terminal that runs SSH, webserver, ftp server, VNC server, anything you can run on linux,  basically =). it is also a very handy hacker utility. It runs Kismet, Wellenreiter,  its great for wifi hacking....wardriving...well, basically anything you could think of a mobile linux machine would be good for. ;)

p.s. the zaurus community is actively developed with tons of support and packages through a package manager (called ipkg (similar to apt), with package manager interfaces --similar to synaptic--) you can check out (that is what got me interested in even owning a Zaurus) I run OZ 3.5.2 with OPIE (a very pretty window manager / desktop suite)...then again, theres always the console ;)

p.s.s apparently plural for zaurus is not zauruses, its <brimstone> yay! Zaurii!

atlanta, GA, USA

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WoofyDugfock Offline

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Posted: Mar. 20 2005,12:34 QUOTE

Zaurus indeed sounds awesome. Will it drive a external monitor?

Wonder what the price would be in Europe....

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welshpjw Offline

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Posted: Mar. 21 2005,16:56 QUOTE


preorder is for $949.00. Looks very coool!
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andrewphoto Offline

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Posted: July 06 2005,11:53 QUOTE

I try and keep an eye on
I do like the OQO, and at the same time, SHARP have been a No.1 manufacturer for a LONG time.

On my tiny island (England,) there are two major agricultural spots, Cambridgeshire, and, Herefordshire. Quite different topiographies really. Herefordshire is primary.
UK's 'special forces' are based in Herefordshire supposedly.
If you strolled round 'the camp' (very unlikely,) I'm sure you would find many o 233mhz Toshiba Libretto, and no doubt some dubious bespoke skullduggery software.
Interesting mark point, 233/266 mhz.
Still command high prices on ebay and that.
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