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doobit Offline

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Joined: July 2005
Posted: Feb. 02 2006,18:49 QUOTE

Interesting, because DSL runs my 3Com nic just fine. I got DSL because of the novelty of it at first, but then quickly discovered that it's not only dam small, but dam practical as well.

"Help stop internet piracy...use Linux!"
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300c_pilot Offline

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Joined: Dec. 2005
Posted: Feb. 04 2006,03:28 QUOTE

I learned of dsl and thought it would go good on a compaq 1275, does well and makes the laptop useable again.

What I have learned in the mean time is that it is an excellect recovery platform for failed Windows machines that clients have to have files from. It also makes a solid platform for daily operations.

When your machine has to boot, use DSL...

Boise, Idaho
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Radieon Offline

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Posted: Feb. 08 2006,00:08 QUOTE

I use DSL for many reasons.

-I wanted to learn more about Linux. What more than to play in root and not worry...
-Small size (and Live CD capabilities)
-Embeddable on my USB Drive (512M)
-Backup (Windows is like glass... aren't windows made of glass?)
-Internet purposes. For some reason, Windows won't install friggin' updates. This prevents me from using the school's network, i.e. internet access.
-And edit .iso files and test them using Qemu.

It's the perfect tool when you have the myDSL extensions. These are awesome!

I got DSL because back in high school, I had a small thumb drive (128M) and was looking for something to use it for other than carrying mp3 files and such. I'm still learning more about Linux everyday.  I have a slow 300MHz with 192M ram and a 20G and 6G hard drive.  I still use my 0.9 iso from a while back, as well as  the 1.5. DSL is awesome; keep up the good work!


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edmunday35 Offline

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Joined: Feb. 2005
Posted: Feb. 23 2006,15:53 QUOTE

I stumbled across DSL from Frozen Tech's live CD list last year and have been playing with different distros.  DSL seems to be the easiest to work with, is Very small works  on my old P1 machines with 100meg ram 850 hd.  I just DLoaded 2.2b and really like the feel as I am running it now after swapping hd with a friend and reinstalling mine the linux system crashed.
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_pathos Offline

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Posted: Feb. 26 2006,09:21 QUOTE

I'm doing a BSc and with all this talk about linux and after realising its infinite advantages over windows from the labs at uni I wanted to get my own.

I only had 56k dialup internet and I was estatic when I found a live cd distro that I could download in only 3 hours.

I fell in love with it instantly because although it wasn't perfect it seemed so easy to customize.

Its the easiest distro to install too. You can install it from within win95 :), or with a dos boot disk/tomsrtbt and serial cable (beats floppy install).
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