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colinbes Offline

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Posted: June 17 2004,00:33 QUOTE

My apologies, only after reading preview and submitting did I realise that I am using ver 0.7 and not 0.6x

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roberts Offline

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Posted: June 27 2004,00:07 QUOTE

DSL extension authors, I am having some concerns with the lsm files. I personally think it is confusing when the lsm was designed for software authors. Extension authors are merely re-packaging the goods. Not that this is necessarily trivial. It is not. However, the fields in the lsm template are cofusing. As Author, Version, Desc, License, in my opinon should apply to the software. The maintained-by should be used by with a disclaimer that being re-packaged by. Also, I think it is critical that we have change log fields for the repackaging. The user of the extension not only needs to know what version of the sotware this is but also what changes have been made to the re-packaging. Icon added, directory now writeable, fix permission bug, etc. So, are we limited to only these fields in the template? Is there some internet wide indexing engine that will limit us.  If you look at some of the lsm files that I recently posted you will see how I tried to curve-fit what I am talking about. I would like to re-arrange the fields so that the original author and related fields are grouped together followed by maintained-by and add change log fields.  What say you? Extension authors and those who enjoy using the extensions please post.
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cbagger01 Offline

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Posted: June 27 2004,00:42 QUOTE

I think that regardless of the original use of the *.lsm files, here at DSL we are using them as plain text files that describe the contents of the DSL package.

Since we are not massaging the *.lsm through some kind of package indexing system or database program, the format and structure of the file is no longer critical.

For example, if I wanted to type in a "README.txt" type freeform explanation below the standard *.lsm fields, it would help the user who clicks on the files and reads them.

The ultimate purpose of the myDSL *.lsm files is to make things easier for the end user who is clicking on them while viewing them from their web browser.

I guess that my pet peeve is *.lsm files that don't actually TELL me anything that will help me decide whether to download and install or not.

For example, hypothetically there might be a package called "xlemmings.dsl" and the *.lsm file says something like "contains the xlemmings program".

Thanks for all the help.  I could have figured out that part without an *.lsm file.

What is xlemmings?  Is it a Game? Word Processor? Programming Language?
If it is a Game, what kind of game is it? A card game? A strategy game? An arcade game?

These burning questions are just begging to be answered.  And they could probably be answered in 2 or 3 sentences, tops.

Just my $0.02
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ke4nt1 Offline

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Posted: June 27 2004,02:05 QUOTE

Well, having not ever used an .lsm file before the creation of "mydsl', I was building my .lsm files, based on the template John provided us with.

Following that template, my belief was that the .lsm files were present to show people when updates were made to our .dsl files, by the version and
the date posted within the .lsm, and to verify the sizes of the md5's and .dsl's

When I make a change to a .dsl , which is common for me to do. ( I always find mistakes AFTER i post it up :) )
I change the version, date, and the byte counts to reflect the change.

My thought was that the template provided to us was somewhat strict in the pattern or order of information listed.
I was not aware we were free to add text and extra information about the program.

I would enjoy that freedom, posting both some details about the program, and about changes I made, as compared to the original tar or deb.

John and Robert need to set a standard for this, and then us contributors can follow your plan or template for info placed into the .lsm

I can only imagine what a new user or contributor must think about maintaining and updating .dsl's, md5's, and lsm's , having only used linux a few times, and looking to get a favorite item to work with DSL

I do agree with roberts item about listing the version of the SOFTWARE, and perhaps another line listing the version of the .dsl file.

I already list the author of the SOFTWARE, but my descript could improve.

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roberts Offline

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Posted: June 27 2004,04:13 QUOTE

When I started to write the lsm, I kept thinking is this for the SOFTWARE or the EXTENSION.

This is an example of what I curved-fitted into the existing template

Title: PHP
Version: 4.3.7
Entered-date: 06/22/04
Description: The PHP general scripting language repackaged for DSL
Maintained-by: DSL packaging by robert[at]damnsmalllinux[dot]org
Copying-policy: php license

This is what I am proposing...

Title:       PHP
Description: The PHP general scripting language
Version:   4.3.7
Copying-policy: php license
Extension-by:  robert[at]damnsmalllinux[dot]org
Change-Log:   06/22/04 - Initial posting with entry for Money Web Server

I dropped keyword as there is no index/search on these files.
I dropped Primary-site and Alternate-site as it is the repository and the mirrors
I dopped Platforms. Its Linux repacked for DSL
I don't show the byte counts. Isn't that the purpose the md5sum?
I modified Maintained-by to Extension-by
I modified Entered-date: to Change-Log

The first six lines give full credit to the original Author/Company and apply to the SOFTWARE only
Followed by the extension contact info.
The Change-Log can then be added to with the format date and change/corrections

The Change-Log entry can keep growing as we fix, change, or add features. That way the "lsm" can reflect the changes we make to the re-packing of the extension.

I think it is important to have a standard. Let me know if you think I am missing something.
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Quick Reply: How can we improve our .dsl extension files?

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