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ke4nt1 Offline

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Posted: June 12 2004,20:40 QUOTE

Anyone playing with the extensions noticed this happening?

When using the mydsl-menu feature, from LiveCD, things are perfect.
Apps load, icons are placed on desktop, choices are added to mydsl-menu.

If, after using a few extensions,  browsing a couple of internet sites,
adding bookmarks, changing themes, etc... I decide to make a BACKUP,
then strange things happen the next time I restore from BACKUP...

The icons I previously loaded from mydsl extensions are on the desktop,
but useless, as well as the mydsl menu choices - useless.
When I reselect ( install) them from mydsl-menu, I now have 2 listings
in MyDSL... These were saved in the backup, as well as the things I wanted.

Of course, the only reason I did a backup in the first place was to
save bookmarks, high scores, cache, etc...  

Maybe there is a way to "uninstall" the mydsl extensions before making
a backup?

I could choose to backup the files the extensions installed,
then the icons and menus would be useful..
but that would be HUGE !!

Or, make several different filetool.lst files, like filetool.firefox, filetool.desktop.
Then, make choices in the menu under file restoration for each...
Perhaps this is where cbagger01 and roberts idea of a Myfirefox.tar.gz,
MyDesktop.tar.gz, etc would work, rather than letting the BACKUP utility
handle all the chores...

I enjoy the mydsl and mydsl-menu options
I also enjoy the backup & restore features, especialy on bootup
They don't seem to get along with each other , unless I get creative
with editing the filetool.lst each time I backup
( for ex: removing /home/damnsmall from filetool.lst, and substituting only
parts of it, like /home/damnsmall/.phoenix /home/damnsmall/.xgalaga )

Any Thoughts???

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roberts Offline

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Joined: Oct. 2003
Posted: June 12 2004,21:56 QUOTE

I would change my filetool.lst to not backup /home/dansmall/.fluxbox and not backup /home/damnsmall/.xtdesktop  That way no conflicts with myDSL extensions.

In your filetool.lst  add /home/damnsmall/.phoenix that will backup your bookmarks.

It is all possible. It is all in knowning/learning where the file "lives" and what you want to do with it, include or exclude.
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roberts Offline

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Posted: June 12 2004,21:58 QUOTE

Starting with 0.7.1 there is also a myDSL button inside emelfm. So using the file manager navigate to the desired extension and click a button.
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clivesay Offline

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Posted: June 13 2004,01:32 QUOTE

Thank you, robert. I have been installing extensions from my HD install. There are a bunch of apps I would like to see extensions for but instead of listing them I will see if I can build one first! :)

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colinbes Offline

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Joined: May 2004
Posted: June 17 2004,00:28 QUOTE

Interesting thread.

I have couple of applications I would like to add to /usr/sbin using dsl extension. I created a tar.gz file using tar -zcvf (and included paths/usr/sbin) command (I didn't rename it to .dsl). During the boot process I noticed error stating failure to load due to read only file system.

I am using dsl 0.6x and used frugal_install to create bootable CF card.

Earlier on in this thread a question is asked about difference between .dsl and .tar.gz - the answer implies (to me at least) that a tar.gz will only extract to /opt or /home/damnsmall directories. Is this correct and will a .dsl extension solve this problem (I want to extract to /usr/sbin).

Unfortunately I am at home now and can't test this out. I didn't think to try this as I was under the impression that a .dsl file was simply a .tar.gz file renamed (is this correct?).

If a .dsl file will extract to /usr/sbin then could you please explain why this is.

Thanks to all
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