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henk1955 Offline

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Posted: July 08 2004,07:37 QUOTE


Use Emelfm to MANUALLY delete each file that is listed in the Scite document.

i think this is a litlle to easy.
there as some *.dsl that overwrite config-files from pre-installed programs ie: php <-> monkey (icewm <-> .xinitrc)

i think for HD-install there is no safe way to uninstall *.dsl or *.tar.gz.
therefore i favour frugal install. this way i am sure i have a clean relyable system. I had some problems with some of the *.dsl. Now if i suspect a bug in one i just take the *.dsl out of the root directory, reboot and test again.


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nucpc Offline

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Posted: July 08 2004,08:18 QUOTE

Yep I think I agree that for HD install you might want to be more cautious and definitely, yes, that not being
fully HD installed anyway is the best way get the disk space back from some HD installed
large .dsl at speed, how about this.....(basically as per cbaggers but just making a little script);

In a temporary directory;

tar zxvf file.dsl > list

(i.e. don't use `t' to list it). Now using scite YOU decide what to globally change in the following manner;
using `search' and `replace` change say,

usr -> rm /usr
opt -> rm /opt

for example, and as many other leading directories as you desire.

The file 'list' will now begin;

rm /usr
rm /usr/bin

Add the line,


to the top of the file and you've got a little script. Globally remove any other line that doesn't begin with rm,
chmod 755 and it's ready to go. Naturally it'll give lots of `errors' as it refuses to `rm' directories, or things
on /var/temp that aren't there any more,  but we're not worried about these and can just ignore them.

For your larger undesired .dsl it'll speed things up a lot. The risk of using such  a script though is up to you.

All the best.
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ke4nt1 Offline

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Posted: July 08 2004,12:28 QUOTE

I agree with many of the posts here..
Extensions are user contributed, and should be used with some...  respect?

I would test them first from a fresh liveCD, after checking their sums.
It's very easy to quickly create a fresh HDinstall to test from as well.

I do have several HDinstalls that family and friends use, but knowing that
those folks don't backup like I do, I wouldn't care to "toast" their systems.

Otherwise, with a good backup, and maybe even an extra copy of your
backup tucked away somewhere else, reinstalling a DSL system
is fast and painless.

Now, if you have valuable data, like your latest compiled kernel,
scripts in-progress, fresh downloads, emails you "just can't lose" , etc.
I would think twice before using that system for exploring new extensions,
or becoming a "beta tester" for the latest .dsl files.
( In my opinion, anyone who installs any of the user contribs
     has just been awarded "beta tester" status ! )

I think an "uninstaller" would be great, but some way of backing up
replaced or edited files needs to accompany the script.
Many times an extension build will want to "upgrade" libs, or alter config files.
Some of these could be pulled back in from the distro CD, others may be
3rd or 4th generation edits, writes, or upgrades.

For example: You try out the xy_game.dsl, built from the "stable" versions,
which upgrades lib.x from 2.0.0 to 2.0.1. Symlink changed
You then try out xz_game.dsl, built from the unstable versions,
which upgrades lib.x from 2.0.1 to 2.0.2. Symlink changed again.
OOPS, that one's still got a little more "testing" to do, but if you pull your
backups from the distro CD, your first xy_game.dsl will be toast.

May 12th was the date of the DSL 0.7 release.
Before then "myDSL" didn't even exist in Damnsmalllinux.
Most of these extensions have only been made in the last 30 days or so.
If in doubt, error on the side of caution, and seek info from other users.

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hasty Offline

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Posted: July 08 2004,15:22 QUOTE

Theres a fascinating post by Durand Hicks on the knoppix forums on how he baselines his set up prior to installing new software, so he can easily revert to the previous state.

Basically he uses
dpkg --get-selections > todaysdate.txt

Then he uses
diff lastmonth.txt todaysdate.txt > packages.diff

This is edited to remove common items and renamed kicklist

apt-get remove --purge `cat kicklist`      (nb the ¬ tick)

Perhaps you can use it in your travails :)
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cbagger01 Offline

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Posted: July 08 2004,16:14 QUOTE

I guess the most important thing that needs to be understood with
respect to myDSL extensions is:

These extensions are just *.tar.gz archives that are renamed to the *.dsl filetype.  Other than the myDSL menu additions, they are a very simple way to get a bunch of filed added to your installation.

myDSL extensions are NOT "packages" in the same sense that there is a true package management system in place that keeps track of them and allows uninstall / upgrades / downgrades of packages.

If you are using a full hard disk installation for DSL, my advice to you is that you should use the Synaptic Package Management GUI to install / upgrade / uninstall new programs.

Synaptic + apt-get + dpkg is a true package management system with an installer and a nice user interface.

While some of the simpler *.dsl extensions are harmless because they do not affect libraries or other programs, other *.dsl extensions are bound to cause trouble in the long run if you want to uninstall or add another program / library that breaks your *.dsl extension.

This is not a problem for the livecd / frugal install / poorman's install users because if they have a problem all they need to do is remove the offending *.dsl file from their list of files to load up.
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