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Alisdair Kelly Offline

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Joined: May 2004
Posted: July 08 2004,16:48 QUOTE

[QUOTE]download and install whitebox.dsl from the myDSL testing repository.
Start up whitebox from the myDSL menu.
Use the menu to back up your Fluxbox configuration in case you make a mistake.
Start up whitebox again. Choose "Start whitebox" from the menu.
Use the "Menu Editor" to delete the multiple "mplayer" entries in your menu system.
Click on the "Save" button to save your changes.

When I saw this topic, the first thing that popped into my mind was "whiteBox". It works perfectly for removing extra instances of dsl packages that may not be functional or simply that there are too many of them. It is saving me from having to do a re-install of DSL to the hdd.

Good tool, just right for the job.:D


(or you  can call me Al)
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roberts Offline

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Posted: July 08 2004,18:39 QUOTE

The original concept of myDSL was to allow easy extension capability to those who use liveCD, frugal, or poorman's systems. We are no longer limited to what is included in the base system. Size of the distro is no longer a limiting factor. You can have "cake and eat it too".

I also believe there was been plenty of warning labels on the download pages for those with hard installed systems.

Those with hard drive installed systems can always choose to stay Debian and use the package management system of apt or Synaptic. However, DSL is not pure Debian and other "packages" are in stalled in the base system which is not controlled via Debian.

Once a user chooses to install to hard drive, they have many choices, they could install a Slackware package, or even compile from sources. I view the choice of installing a myDSL extension in the same way. Things can get very compilcated when you install from many means.

To try to add package management to myDSL would be like trying to duplicate the efforts of the debian system.

Realizing, there is benefits to using some of the myDSL extensions in a hard drive environment. I have planned a color coding scheme to indicate the level of of changes to your system when you choose to install an extension. Hopefully this will also help in making your decision to install an extension to a hard drive a wise one.

Of course, none of this applies to those for which this system was designed for. The extension concept opens up tremendous capability to those of us who like to run from liveCD, frugal, or other compressed image installs on hard drive, compact flash and usb. Personally, I see this area as a more growth area. That is why I created such a system.
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clivesay Offline

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Posted: July 08 2004,19:02 QUOTE

Robert -

Wow! The effort of color coding is really going "above and beyond"! :-)

My personal opinion it to ALWAYS test the mydsl extensions in a live cd environment before you even consider using on a HD install. I agree with a previous post that if you have an internet connection, enable apt and install to the HD that way.

For my NFP, the big advantage I see with these extensions besides running from the live cd, is having the ability to install my preferred packages to PC's without requiring an internet connection. This is a lot easier than a complete remaster of the OS!  :D
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panama Offline

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Joined: June 2004
Posted: July 08 2004,21:32 QUOTE


the whitebox got rid of the desktop crap leftover from mplayer installs gone bad.  thanks again for the tip!

im gonna try the mplayer again with some of the commands from ke4nt1. at least i know how to get rid of it (if only manually)

keep ya posted
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