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Topic: Nessus.dsl  and  Edna.dsl  MP3 serverMore, New .dsl files for the repository< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
roberts Offline

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Posted: June 29 2004,19:30 QUOTE

Putting it in /opt might be a good idea. It is generally not good form to be adding directories off of /
The www directory is currently off /
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tecker Offline

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Posted: June 30 2004,14:28 QUOTE

I echo melange8272 in what they said. The Edna package rocks (if that is the genre you have in the server:) ) my 2 computer subnet. The package was easy to get going and start listening to on the windows maching (i don't use it much so no music).

One trick for those with massive collections but dont want to hack the config files. If you do the following you can quickly get to the big collection fast.
Code Sample
sudo mc
<navigate one pane to the music directory folder, for example /mnt/hda2/Music is the folder with the music, then get to /mnt/hda2 and highlight the Music folder.>
<navigate the other side of MC to /www and delete the mp3 folder>
<tab back to the other pane and hilight the Music directory>
do 'ctrl+x' then hit 's' to create a syslink. name it mp3

now edna should have all of those wonderful _legal_ :;):  mp3s you have.

People laugh because I have linux on a cd with me.

I laugh as the pay me for using that disk to recover their precious windows.
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ripcrd6 Offline

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Posted: Aug. 04 2004,19:27 QUOTE

so, why isn't edna in the dsl repository?  I'd like to use this too.

Somewhere there is a village missing an idiot.
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ke4nt1 Offline

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Posted: Aug. 04 2004,20:11 QUOTE

My bad....
I wanted to re-release it without the entire version of Python embedded within it...
roberts has already put together a Python.dsl, and I wanted to link to it instead...
Timewise, I haven't gotten back into it...
I still have it here...
roberts gave me some good tips for doing this...

It's working so good here.. It's just a FAT app..

I gotta say...A wireless mp3 server is "Most Excellent"  !

( now, I need to get wireless in my Jeep's computer for serving/downloading to that hard drive. )  :)
I suppose I could ssh into that computer, and have it request
files from monkey , or stream from Edna or even SCP files to the Jeep.

Maybe a wireless link to the microFM transmitter as well ...
(I currently use DSL to feed mp3's from XMMS to a uW Xmitter)
I could cut my feedline down to about 3 feet !   :)
I could ssh into the laptop in the attic, request a playlist from the edna server, and stream from Edna to the transmitter..

Got the gears turning now...
Don't get me started on Sound Stuff...  I eat it 3 times a day..

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