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spotslayer Offline

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Joined: April 2005
Posted: June 20 2005,00:39 QUOTE

Hi all,   I have been using v1.2 on a hard drive install. I had not done much so when I saw that 1.2.1 was out I installed it on my hard drive. Everything seemed fine. I installed one or two themes and synaptics from mydsl menu. I shutdown and went out for a while. I came back turned on my computer everything booted normally. When I tried to use the mydsl panel I get an error somthing like this.  Alert Non DSL user. This seemed to happened after the download. Can someone please shed some light on this for me? Never happened with 1.2.

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adssse Offline

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Posted: June 20 2005,00:54 QUOTE

Are you logged in as root?
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SaidinUnleashed Offline

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Posted: June 20 2005,00:58 QUOTE

to use the MyDSL panel or mydsl-load extensions, you must be logged as user "dsl"

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Posted: June 20 2005,04:41 QUOTE

I am running DSL 1.2.1. I logged in as dsl, ran MyDSl, worked fine.

Then I logged in as root, ran MyDSL, got the "Non-DSL User Error" described above.

Then I logged back in as dsl. Now I always get the error, even after rebooting, even though I am definitely logged in as 'dsl'.

I really, really hate it when people give the obvious answer in a help forum. Give us a little credit here, folks. By giving the knee-jerk answer, you just insult me and make yourself look like a moron. Everyone gets upset and nothing gets solved.

So why do I get "Non-DSL user error" every time I try to use MyDSL even though I am logged in correctly?
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roberts Offline

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Posted: June 20 2005,05:59 QUOTE

Helen, from reading your post may I infer that this is hard drive install?
it is always most helpful to state how you run your system.
I think that if you delete the flag file /tmp/noload it will clear up your problem.
Mydsl is not really designed for hard drive installed system. If you were running a liveCD or compressed install the "flag" would go away upon reboot. For hard drive installs it is recommended to use the Debian package management system whereas you would be able to add and delete packages. With the liveCD there is normally not enough space for all the files needed by Debain package management system. That is why we created the slimmed down mydsl extensions. When there is a problem you reboot and your back to a known working state. So, you may indeed have found a bug or "trap" when running mydsl, using user root while running from a hard drive install. We find less and less users, and especially the beta testers as well as the developer do not do hard drive install except to test basic install works to boot. Hope that will clear up your issue.
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