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AwPhuch Offline

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Posted: Nov. 12 2004,15:32 QUOTE

Awesome Great job guys!!

I went ahead and posted up the Qemu-dev package

Just download it, extract it to any directory...
You will have to use a windows command prompt and cd to the directory
1.  to create a "file" just type
mkqemuimage -s 512 newharddriveThis would create a file called newharddrive that is 512Megs in size
Code Sample
mkqemuimage --help
Usage: mkqemuimage [Options] <DiskImageName> ...
Create QEMU Disk Images.

       -f, --force     force creation of disk images even if they already exist
           --help      display this help and exit
       -s, --size      set disk image size in megabytes
           --version   display version information and exit

Then just copy to your dsl-embedded directory and edit your dsl-windows.bat file and you will now have a new harddrive entry


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ewanrg Offline

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Posted: Nov. 12 2004,21:03 QUOTE

Used the QEMU Dev to create a 1 Gig hd file on my external drive, added the reference to it in the .bat file, and then fdisk'd it after I brought DSL up the next time. Seems to work just fine.

Saw a couple interesting things in the DSL repository, but now I'm wondering if I should setup a swap partition, or up the amount of memory I'm giving to QEMU, or both.

Machine is running XP Pro with 512 Megs of RAM, of which about 300 appear to be committed at any one point. So I'm concerned if I setup DSL with even 256 megs I'm going to be causing something to start swapping significantly.

Of course this assumes that QEMU would even be able to take advantage of a SWAP file...
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cbagger01 Offline

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Posted: Nov. 12 2004,23:24 QUOTE

The "virtual PC" that is Qemu should work fine with a SWAP file.

Keep in mind that from the operating system's perspective, the OS is running on a little Pentium Pro Personal Computer and will swap out to hard disk just like a real PC.

However, you may be disappointed with swap or hdinstall performance because the current version of Qemu does not emulate a "virtual ultra-DMA hard drive", so the data transfer rate is not as quick as your physical hard drive's transfer speed.

Someone has found a solution to this problem and at some point high-speed "virtrual hard drive" access will be incorporated into a future version of QEmu.

In the meantime, it might actually be FASTER to run your DSL embedded system in TORAM mode.
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