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cbagger01 Offline

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Posted: April 14 2005,16:41 QUOTE

If you are running DSL embedded, then one of the drives is your fake DSL livecd (KNOPPIX file) and the other one is your fake hard drive.

I don't remember if hda is the CDROM or hda is the hard drive.

You can find out my opening a terminal and type


on a blank line and it should tell you which one is mounted against the /cdrom mountpoint.

The other one is your virtual hard drive.

You can mount it by doing this:

Open up the emelfm file manager and go to the /mnt directory.

Right click on the mountpoint (hda) and choose "Mount" from the context menu.

If you chose the correct drive you should see the files that are currently stored there like "lost+found\" and "backup.tar.gz".

You can add more files there if you want.
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Caspar_s Offline

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Posted: April 14 2005,20:50 QUOTE

Quote (mikshaw @ April 14 2005,10:46)
It's probably a better idea to put swap on a harddrive rather than removeable's faster and more reliable.

Not to mention a swap will eat your flash stick...

Sandisk Ultra 2 has 300 000 write cycle endurance... fine for installing, upgrading etc, but not good for constantly writing like swap would.

Sandisk Extreme has 1 million.  I guess if it didn't cost you too much and you don't mind replacing it, go for it, but ram would be a better investment...

Haha, just looked at your system specs... I don't think you NEED swap! 2gb ram could run the full knoppix in ram.
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Posted: April 15 2005,07:28 QUOTE

Quote (mikshaw @ April 14 2005,10:46)
hda and hdb are always physical drives.  

I am open to correction, being a newcomer here, but I think that statement is wrong, and may be the reason that questions about persistent storage for DSL-Embedded are so annoyingly common.

This thread is about DSL-Embedded, ie running DSL within a Qemu virtual machine. In that scenario hda and hdb are NOT 'always physical drives' - as Cbagger has pointed out, they are virtual filestore.

I haven't found a way of MOUNTing real physical filestore from DSL-Embedded - if it is possible could someone document the 'recipe', please?
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roberts Offline

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Posted: April 15 2005,15:36 QUOTE

If you are running dsl-embedded then it is probably most desireable to share a common persistent store between the virtual environment of Qemu and a reglar boot via BIOS. That would imply for both booting methods to use the virtual harddisk. This has been discussed before: See this thread
This should be in the documentation.
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tronik Offline

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Posted: April 15 2005,17:20 QUOTE

Added to documentation.

atlanta, GA, USA

DSL 1.0+2.4.27/sata : P4 2.4norwood : 512ddr2 : nvgf4ti4200-64 : 128mbLexar Jumpdrive Elite
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