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friedgold Offline

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Posted: Sep. 15 2005,01:50 QUOTE

Quote (Borderpatrol @ Sep. 14 2005,15:59)
can you break that down a little simpler please. Im still learning this.

I'm not sure which bit you want clarification on, doing it in windows or in linux. So I'll describe a way which should work on both.

1) We are going to use qemu-img to create a new hard disk image. To obtain this simply download the latest qemu from the qemu homepage. To create a 25MB image called newhd use the command

Code Sample
qemu-img create newhd.img 25M

More info on qemu-img here

2) Now you've got a 25MB image but it's got no data on it. To put some data on it we are going to use DSL running in qemu. In the file dsl-windows.bat which is included with DSL embedded where you see the command

Code Sample
START qemu\qemu.exe -L qemu/ -enable-audio -localtime -kernel linux24 -initrd minirt24.gz -hda KNOPPIX/knoppix -hdb qemu/harddisk -append "qemu sb=0x220,5,1,1 frugal quiet"

add the option -hdc /path/to/newhd.img (replacing path/to with the actual path to the file created in step 1). If you are doing this all in Linux then edit the script instead.

3) Run qemu with dsl-windows.bat (or if in Linux). DSL should boot up as normal. The old hard disk image can be accessed via /dev/hdb and the new hard disk image can be accessed via /dev/hdc. We need to format the new image so from a xterm/console inside qemu run

Code Sample
mkfs.ext2 /dev/hdc

Now we need to mount this drive to copy files to it so run

Code Sample
mount /dev/hdc

Now mount the old hard disk image and copy your files to the new one

Code Sample
mount /dev/hdb
cp -a /mnt/hdb/* /mnt/hdc

Now shutdown. The new image will now be formatted and your settings from the original hard drive image have been copied to it. Now go back and change dsl-windows.bat (or so the new image is used instead of the old one. i.e. remove the option -hdb qemu/harddisk and change the option -hdc path/to/newhd.img to -hdb /path/to/newhd.img
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Borderpatrol Offline

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Posted: Sep. 15 2005,14:19 QUOTE

I had meant to say windows. When I get home from school I will try to do that.

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SaidinUnleashed Offline

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Posted: Sep. 16 2005,00:43 QUOTE

Moved this to the DSL Embedded forum, cuz that's where it belongs.


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