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friedgold Offline

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Posted: June 07 2005,16:49 QUOTE

The current linuxrc in the initrd (minirt24.gz) of DSL searches the cdrom, any hard drive partitions it comes across and any usb storage devices it come across for a /KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX file (i.e. the root filesystem). Once it is found the drive containing this file is mounted to /cdrom. Then the /cdrom/KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX image is mounted to /KNOPPIX, symlinks to this filesystem are setup and the standard init process is started.

I imagine that in order to get PXE boot working you'll need to modify the linuxrc thats in the initrd to mount the nfs share as /cdrom. Once this is done the remainder of the boot process should work unchanged. You'll need the network to be up before it is mounted so I imagine this would require the modules for your network card + ifconfig to be part of the initrd. But adding ifconfig to the initrd may be difficult since there would be various dependencies which would also need to be added. A static compile may help here.

Seeing as DSL's boot process is basically the same as knoppix's it would be a good idea to look around for info on getting knoppix to boot over a network - much of it will apply to DSL.

I wonder if the initrd for knoppix on this page could be modified to work with DSL?
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dougvega Offline

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Posted: June 07 2005,21:25 QUOTE

what about installing the Debian-edu-config metapackage developed by Skolelinux
I am able to boot skolelinux via pxe , maybe they can be apt-get from the debian repositories that will make a verry fast server a la LTSP.
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jconlon Offline

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Posted: June 07 2005,22:36 QUOTE


friedgold's question.
"I wonder if the initrd for knoppix ... could be modified to work with DSL?"
Answer - YES!

I haven't cleaned it up completely but I wanted to get the post out to the list.

Step 0 Set up your DHCP server and TFTP server

Step 1. Setup your NFS server to offer the DSL KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX
my exported fs is /var/dsl
with the dsl KNOPPIX filesystem it looks like /var/dsl/KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX

Step 2. Download the knoppix tar for pxe

Step 3. Untar it and place the contents of its knoppix directory into your TFTP server
mine looks like:
/var/tftpboot/ <files from the tar>

Step 4.  Modify the
file to change the nfsdir variables.
I changed mine to:

thanks guys,

John Conlon
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ico2 Offline

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Posted: June 12 2005,21:16 QUOTE

surely just use the network boot floppy and serve it using tftp instead of a floppy drive?

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