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Question: Should the Lnx Community support 98 and ME users? :: Total Votes:32
Poll choices Votes Statistics
Yes! We need to make a light, easy distro for 9x users! Pronto! 9  [28.12%]
No! Windows users should learn the command line or drop dead! 3  [9.38%]
No! People with old computers should just have the plug pulled! They need new computers with XP/Vista installed on them. Long live Microsoft! 0  [0.00%]
Microsoft should continue providing security updates for those customers. They don't have to provide feature improvements, but security is must. 4  [12.50%]
I agree with 1 and 4. 16  [50.00%]
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pr0f3550r Offline

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Posted: May 03 2006,17:04 QUOTE

Anybody can explain how this thread gets sticky in the 'new post' result?
What kind of 'post bomb' are you using, or is there a bug in the forum software? I've never liked ikonboard!



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mikshaw Offline

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Posted: May 03 2006,18:19 QUOTE

It's a poll.  Apparently every time someone votes in a poll, it bumps the thread to the top of the stack.

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lovdsl Offline

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Posted: May 03 2006,18:24 QUOTE

There are lots of reasons to make good use of old computers.

I think ,dsl, to some extent is already supporting win 95/98/me/ users by provideing an internet ready, easy to install linux os. different yes, but can replace most basic functions in a new and sometimes exciteing way.

what is needed is more .dsl and better documentation for converts.

personally I do not like windows, I was just forced to use it. ultimately I would like to escape the constant updates, reinstalls, fearware, bugs and spam, and system attacks. but it appers nothing can stop it.

at least the linux community is awake to the monopolistic power hungry, privacy stealing, politically correct resgime andI hope realize that same is realitive with regard toease of use.

I like the difference but do see the need for better ease of use in some cases with linux.

I jsut booted an old 95 machine yesterday and found myself unable to copy paste at first, so use to the two button click. I finally formatted the drive and did this for fun

thinking about the appless dsl

Dsl-s..aka dsl naked

with the slit auto hide top center by default, open and showing the default drawer with six apps installed via the mydsl icon at the top.

synaptic is not an option in dsl-s

The right click menu shows no mydsl, no apps and no games. The apps /tools menu replaces apps on the main menu. and includes xcalc , beaver, dillo, and net menu items.
The right click menu being a utilities menu and the drawer the mydsl menu of installed applications.

all applications in the mydsl download menu will install and function with no concern for dependancies.

all upgrades are the responsibility of the user and are in no way related to or supported by dsl-s

standard hd installs do not offer extension uninstall..choose your extensions wisely.

frugal installs  may  use the standard uci menu

amazing..I pop up an icon. click it, choose a program, click it and it installs. the next time I open the menu there it is for users would be searching and waiting wondering if it was really so simple...thats ease of use... :O
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AwPhuch Offline

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Posted: May 03 2006,22:54 QUOTE

I dont know if someone has posted this before but there is still a legitimate way to update M$ products using browsers other than IE

I use firefox to update the security updates only (you wont find any software enhancement updates) but the security hole updates can be gotten from there completely legitimately


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kerry Offline

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Posted: May 03 2006,23:29 QUOTE

I beleave security is up to the computer user. No one i know depends on microsoft security, most people use some third party program for security and antivirus. I'm sure windows realized this so chose to drop it. When there is a problem it is usally between the chair and the keyboard, microsoft has made people lazy, now any dipshit who can type gets on the internet with out a clue about protecting them selves from being a victim of there own stupidty.
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