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Johnnie Price Offline

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Joined: Sep. 2006
Posted: Nov. 04 2006,19:13 QUOTE

You know, you could simply download the auto-installer for Netscape 7.2 and then install it. ;)

Then again, I absolutely need Netscape for doing only one thing.  Annoying as all hell, but there you go.
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WDef Offline

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Joined: Sep. 2005
Posted: Nov. 21 2006,15:45 QUOTE

I'm catching up on old posts.

No, I say *again*, wrappers on firefox itself will not work (and neither will symlinks)  - otherwise I wouldn't have bothered posting.  I do know how to write a wrapper btw. You obviously didn't try it. Please try reading my first post again.

Aliases won't work - scite doesn't look in PATH at all as far as I can tell. Some other apps do this sort of thing too eg Aespipe expects gnupg to be in one place and one place only for example - it's hard coded into its binary.

A wrapper on firefox-bin *will* work but it will not necessarily set the environment up for firefox as it's supposed to (as I implied).  Work through the way firefox launches.

If I wanted to install a redundant blob of netscape I would. The whole idea was not to, but instead to make a pseudo netscape available for any apps that want it, without having to hunt down how any particular app's browser is configured (if it even  is). This uses very little space and every app will find "netscape".
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^thehatsrule^ Offline

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Posted: Nov. 22 2006,16:29 QUOTE

lol... okay.  Here's my last crack then.

Most of the posts comes out of the top of my head at the moment.
The wrapper however is pretty generic, so I just wrote it out.

I'm guessing your DSL working environment is different from mine, as the symlink and wrapper - just tried - both worked off the bat. (DSL 1.5, ff 0.91) but alias did not. EDIT: just tried firefox 1.0.6, looks like the script is changed so that using a symlink doesn't work here (tries to load $0-bin), but using a wrapper works still. (DSL 3.01, ff 1.06).  If you're using a different shell (ie /bin/sh) than default, maybe you need to either specify bash or use a script function to pass the params over correctly.

Re aliases: doesn't have to do with PATH, its shell specific.  And scite will look in PATH and pwd, since it executes 'netscape' as system sh command (would explain the alias not working).
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roberts Offline

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Posted: Dec. 02 2006,03:24 QUOTE

WDef, thanks for the suggestion. Done. It wil be in 3.2.

Edited by roberts on Dec. 02 2006,03:24
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