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roberts Offline

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Posted: April 05 2008,18:24 QUOTE

Now posted with thanks to Juanito:

Read the info files for more information.
If using the new mydslBrowser then select update database.
You should see 897 packages in the database.
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WDef Offline

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Posted: April 05 2008,21:17 QUOTE

Ping Juanito: I see you got sick of waiting for my sane.uci, though it looks like we built much the same extension - fair enough. Can't seem to get any extensions from my email to Robert at the moment anyway.

On another matter:  has anyone had any luck with guipdftk.dsl?  When I tried it, didn't seem to work.
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Juanito Offline

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Posted: April 06 2008,03:31 QUOTE

Ping Juanito: I see you got sick of waiting for my sane.uci

- no, is wasn't that  :)

hplip depends on several of the sane libs and a couple of the binaries, I would have had to either include these in hplip or take a guess at the name of your extension for the symlinks.

BTW, I could only test the sane extension with the scanner part of a couple of hp all-in-ones, I'd be grateful if somebody could test sane with a stand-alone scanner and let me know how they get on.
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Jason W Offline

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Posted: April 06 2008,04:26 QUOTE

Your sane.uci detects my umax scanner fine using sane-find-scanner, but that is as far as I can go, being spoiled by xsane no doubt.  I am not too familiar with scanning at the command line, and my xsane.dsl does not work with this extension.  Since it finds my scanner, I am sure it is just a pebkac/configuration issue on my part.  Are either you or WDef working on an xsane.uci?  If not I would be happy to build one that would work with a sane.uci package.
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stupid_idiot Offline

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Posted: April 06 2008,05:05 QUOTE

Re: Version of X11 in DSL chroot

Built xfree86 4.3.0 using this custom host.def file:
Code Sample
#define HasExpat YES
#define HasFontconfig YES
#define HasFreetype2 YES
#define HasZlib YES

#define BuildDPSLibraries NO
#define BuildFontCache NO
#define BuildGLULibrary NO
#define BuildGLXLibrary NO
#define BuildGLwLibrary NO
#define BuildRandR NO
#define BuildRandRLibrary NO
#define BuildXF86RushExt NO
#define BuildXKB NO
#define BuildXTrap NO
#define BuildXaw6 NO
#define BuildXcursorLibrary NO
#define BuildXdmcpLib NO
#define BuildXvExt NO
#define NormalLibXrender NO
#define NormalLibXres NO
#define NormalLibXxf86dga NO
#define NormalLibXxf86misc NO
#define NormalLibXxf86vm NO
#define SharedLibXau YES
#define XserverStaticFontLib NO

#define XF86Server NO
#define XnestServer NO
#define XVirtualFramebufferServer NO
#define XprtServer NO

#define BuildFontServer NO

#define BuildFonts NO

#define DefaultGcc2i386Opt -Os

#define TermcapLibrary -lncurses

#define FontencCompatibility YES

#define BuildScreenSaverExt NO

#define BuildXinerama NO

#define BuildGlxExt NO

#define BuildLinuxDocText NO
#define BuildLinuxDocHtml NO
#define BuildLinuxDocPS NO

Resulting contents of /usr/X11R6/lib:
Code Sample
(1) (DSL has
(2) (DSL has

xfree86 in Debian Woody is version 4.1.0.
I think that's the correct version!
Will try building 4.1.0 now.
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