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Posted: Nov. 03 2009,01:06 QUOTE

I have made some Italian translation and correction/revision to /home/dsl/.Jwmrc

<Menu icon="folder.xpm" label="Applicazioni">
<Menu icon="folder_cyan.xpm" label="Editor">
 <Program icon="edit.xpm" label="Beaver">beaver</Program>
 <Program icon="text.xpm" label="Nano">aterm +tr -T "Nano" -e nano-tiny</Program>
 <Program icon="notepad.xpm" label="Notepad">editor</Program>
 <Program icon="vim.xpm" label="Vim">aterm +tr -T "Vim" -e vi</Program>

<Menu icon="jpeg.xpm" label="Grafica">
 <Program icon="icon.xpm" label="iconView"> /usr/local/bin/iconView.lua</Program>
 <Program icon="xpaint.xpm" label="mtPaint"> /usr/bin/X11/mtpaint </Program>
 <Program icon="find.xpm" label="Xzoom"> xzoom </Program>
 <Program icon="picture.xpm" label="xzgv Image Viewer"> /usr/bin/xzgv </Program>
<Menu icon="folder_blue.xpm" label="Office">
 <Program icon="wp.xpm" label="Ted editor di testo"> ted </Program>
 <Program icon="spreadsheet.xpm" label="Siag Spreadsheet"> /usr/local/bin/siag </Program>
 <Program icon="xpdf.xpm" label="PDF Viewer"> /usr/bin/xpdf </Program>
 <Program icon="msword.xpm" label="MS Word Viewer">  /usr/local/bin/wordview.lua </Program>
 <Program icon="gvu.xpm" label="Postscript Viewer"> /usr/local/bin/gvu </Program>
 <Program icon="calc.xpm" label="Calcolatrice"> flminicalc </Program>
 <Program icon="calendar.xpm" label="Calendario"> /usr/local/bin/calendar.lua </Program>
 <Program icon="pim2.xpm" label="SQLite Book">/usr/local/bin/</Program>
 <Program icon="pim.xpm" label="PIM using Index">  aterm +tr -T "PIM using Index" -e /usr/bin/index </Program>
 <Program icon="fetch.xpm" label="Net Dictionary">  aterm +tr -T "Internet Dictionary" -e /usr/local/bin/getword </Program>

<Menu icon="audio.xpm" label="Audio">
 <Program icon="dmix.xpm" label="Dmix Mixer audio">dmix</Program>
 <Program icon="phone.xpm" label="gPhone">gphone</Program>
 <Program icon="xmms.xpm" label="Xmms Audio/MPEG">xmms</Program>
 <Program icon="cd.xpm" label="Xmms Play CD"> xmms /dev/cdrom </Program>
<Menu icon="folder_grape.xpm" label="Net">
 <Menu icon="internet.xpm" label="Browser">
   <Program icon="firefox.xpm" label="Firefox"> /usr/local/bin/firefox </Program>
   <Program icon="dillo.xpm" label="Dillo"> dillo file:/usr/share/doc/dsl/getting_started.html </Program>
   <Program icon="html.xpm" label="Netrik"> aterm +tr -T "Netrik" -e /usr/local/bin/netrik</Program>

<Menu icon="folder_yellow.xpm" label="Strumenti">
 <Program icon="files-yellow.xpm" label="Add to Bootlocal"> /usr/local/bin/add2bootlocal.lua</Program>
 <Program icon="files-green.xpm" label="Add to Filetool"> /usr/local/bin/add2filetool.lua</Program>
 <Program icon="files-red.xpm" label="Add to Xfiletool"> /usr/local/bin/add2Xfiletool.lua</Program>
 <Program icon="filetypes.xpm" label="dfmext GUI"> /usr/local/bin/dfmext.lua</Program>
 <Program icon="program.xpm" label="fldiff Compare Files"> /usr/local/bin/fldiff</Program>
 <Menu icon="folder_yellow.xpm" label="Emelfm File Manager">
   <Program icon="filemgr.xpm" label="Emelfm"> /usr/X11R6/bin/emelfm </Program>
   <Program icon="filemgr.xpm" label="Emelfm as super-user"> sudo /usr/X11R6/bin/emelfm </Program>

<Menu icon="folder_green.xpm" label="Games">

 <Menu icon="folder.xpm" label="Exit">
  <Restart icon="reboot.xpm" label="Riavvia Window Manager"/>
  <Program icon="wmgr.xpm" label="Cambia Window Manager">switcher.lua</Program>
  <Program icon="exit.xpm" label="Opzioni di uscita">dslexit</Program>

I'm using Opera
so I add

Opera Preferences version 2.1
; Do not edit this file while Opera is running
; This file is stored in UTF-8 encoding

prioritize excludelist=1



and ouw920_it.lng

Someone can explain me HOW open opera925.uci to add this files (4ever!),
configure java support...

Dsl dma toram lang=it nopcmcia alsa
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