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roberts Offline

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Posted: Dec. 12 2006,05:35 QUOTE

The first release candidate of DSL v3.2 RC1 is now ready for testing

Change Log:

* Updated madwifi-ng modules.
* Updated busybox with >2GB file support.
* New Cron - A perl cron, with new boot option 'cron' and toggle from control panel.
* New boot option "checkfs".  Usage: dsl 2 checkfs - for frugals: dsl 2 toram checkfs
* Simplified MyDSL structure using the level 1 default autoscanned /mydsl directory or user specified level one directory which contains extensions, and optionally the 'optional' subdirectory and/or a 'modules' subdirectory. Dropped now unneeded 'modules' boot time option and support for extensions at level 1.
* New mkmydsl - Simplified Custom iso maker now even easier than before and supports new MyDSL layout and works for both isolinux and syslinux CD versions. Also supports booting with toram or not. On low resource machines boot with:   dsl base norestore mydsl{=hdXY{/dirname}}
* Updated MyDSL to support direct downloading to all supported and mounted drives/directories.
* Added volume setting to persist via .umix
* Added default Netscape to call Firefox
* Added a default .desktop to /etc/skel for better hard drive support.
* Updated to add .xserverrc to /etc/skel for better hard drive support.
* Fixed bad default X & Y for Aterm.lnk
* Fixed hard drive install permmision problem on /opt/.mydsl_dir
* For hard drive installs, perform regenerate and modules.dep only upon first boot.
* Updated "Getting Started" with the new MyDSL simplified directory structure.
* Updated Qemu to 0.8.2 - dropped 60MB virtual hard drive - read the new readme.txt!

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roberts Offline

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Posted: Dec. 12 2006,05:37 QUOTE

Only one file in your backup that needs to be updated this time.

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roberts Offline

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Posted: Dec. 12 2006,06:37 QUOTE

Developer Notes & Comments

As you can see I have been very busy improving DSL.

The updated madwifi-ng modules are thanks to JB4x4. This means much improved support for atheros chip based wifi.
I have tested this on the very inexpensive Airlink 101 Super G AWLC4030. I also tested this on the built in atheros
wifi of the Sharp MM10 Ultralight.

I updated busybox to v 1.2.2 with the much asked for larger file support.

Thanks to Ray Tracy for his perl cron script. It is small, simple, and works great.
I setup a link from /etc/crontab to /opt/crontab so that even legacy users can use it.
I made a simple test entry so that when you start it you can see how easy it is.
Just comment out the line or delete it.

Watching the forums lead me to make the checkfs boot option. Using it will file system check all unmounted ext2 filesystems, so with frugal use the toram option.

I spent alot of time to simplify the mydsl system. I chose to use the /mydsl directory as the foundation. The other related directories should be placed below the mydsl dir, i.e., mydsl/optional and or mydsl/modules
As you can imagine this changed alot of programs and docs.

The mydsl GUI used for downloads can now use /mnt/hda2/mydsl or for pendrive /cdrom/mydsl or even /cdrom/mydsl/optional.
The default remains /tmp. But now if you can mount it, you can directly download to it!

I heavily modified the mkmydsl script. Now you can setup your live CD system using the new mydsl directory and then very easily create a new iso with your extensions. So if you can boot from CD with your extensions working just the way you like, you can have an iso of this setup super easy.

The new mydsl layout also applies to Qemu. I updated Qemu to the latest. Gone is the virtual 60MB hard drive. Instead of trying to force the native boot to use the virtual drive, I have it setup the other way around. The Qemu booted DSL can now access the backup and mydsl directory on the pendrive, as used by native!

I also did some small tweaks to try to improve the traditional hard drive installations. But as you all know, my interest shall remain with the live CD and frugals.

Hope you enjoy it.

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cmanb Offline

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Posted: Dec. 12 2006,14:53 QUOTE

I'm excited about having some cron included. That's great news.

And I like the QEMU news.  Looks like I'll have to download it and play around.

I'm impressed, roberts, at the frenzied, break-neck pace at which you're working on releases here lately.  Keep up the good job, but take a coffee break every once in a while, okay?  Don't over exert yourself!

Heavens to Murgatroid!
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ke4nt1 Offline

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Posted: Dec. 12 2006,17:44 QUOTE

Thank you very much for the detailed notes on all
of the items mentioned in the changelog, roberts.

Nice additions..  good work!

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