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roberts Offline

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Posted: Feb. 21 2007,23:19 QUOTE


Thanks for the feedback on the auto Alsa setup.
I have tried to make some room, so that I can add some new features like acpid.
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Juanito Offline

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Posted: Feb. 22 2007,08:01 QUOTE

[quote=WDef,Feb. 21 2007,17:52]
If you can't get the ncurses menuconfig gui working with the raw extensions, sounds like something is broken which is unrelated to declobber.

Indeed - after turning around in many, many circles, first loading one extension, then loading the other, etc, etc - I went back to the beginning and discovered the DSL .config was currupted (or more likely, mixed with the DSL-N one). Aaaaargh.

So, the declobbered gcc-2.95, gcc1-with-libs and gnu-utils appear to work fine - as you noted, gcc-2.95 needs to be loaded before gcc1-with-libs otherwise it kills ncurses.
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curaga Offline

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Posted: Feb. 22 2007,15:34 QUOTE

This is just a suggestion - but using upx on some binaries would help a lot in making room. Not the kernel or so, but some small ones like nano for example. The one in dsl is about 48k stripped, one with more features compiled in is about 150k stripped, but after using upx --brute on the bigger one, it became 47k. And I do notice the unpacking overhead on a P1 100mhz where I tested it, but it's only about 0.3 seconds. So I think it would be worth it ;)

There's no such thing as life. Those mean little jocks invented it ;)
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^thehatsrule^ Offline

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Posted: Feb. 22 2007,16:06 QUOTE

curaga: I believe they have already looked at upx, and because DSL is made to be more compatible with older hardware that usually comes with less memory and speed, they did not want to use it.
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bsn Offline

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Posted: Feb. 25 2007,22:05 QUOTE

Trying 3.3RC1 because eth0 disappeared on 3.2. Corrected. Thanx for the work!
But DSL panel still not working at all...As in 3.2....Even by menu
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