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John Offline

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Posted: Oct. 12 2005,06:11 QUOTE

Here is our first RC for testing.  There are a lot of new changes, so please test away.  Robert coded most of these changes, so he will be keen to receive feedback.

Please download at:

a11b1f630fd6ce51b07e61500e48e6f4  dsl-2.0RC1.iso

Change log for DSL-2.0RC1....

1. new kernel 2.4.31 and modules
2. new 64 cloops
3. new prism2 support
4. new ndiswrapper support
5. new autodetected LT winmodems
6. new naim patched for TOC2 - dropped bsflite
7. new PCMCIA card control GUI
8. new floppy tool GUI.
9. updated Firefox and with mine types for mailto,irc, audio, video, pdf, .doc, added bookmarks
10. updated pcmcia-cs to v3.2.5
11. fixed usb hotplug
12. new toram and /optional dir w/ prompts if needed.
13. rewrote cloop management up to 64 cloops
14. updated iwconfig to show IP upon connection.
15. updated prism2 to show IP upon connection
16. updated ndiswrapper to IP upon connection
17. updated DSLpanel added System Stats, Date Time, and others..
18. updated right-click icons for super user on Emelfm, Xterm, and Beaver
19. fixed xtdeskrc for ShadowColor
20. updated Date/Time display in fluxbox/init
21. updated wallpaper lua
22. updated dsl-restore & for named pipes and valid devices
23. added hack for extending ramdisk to use swap
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Patrick Offline

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Posted: Oct. 12 2005,08:07 QUOTE

Looks good, just updated my usb-pen (hd-install) from 1.5 to 2.0RC1. (using the livecd)

Up to now the only thing i noticed was that at boottime, (when mydsl's are loading) i see the list of mydsl's TWICE (first one loads at normal speed, second one goes by very fast). In the fluxbox-menu under: MYDSL i already have 4 times: update_to_gtk2!). (which is one of the mydsl's loaded at boot-time with which i have had some trouble in dsl 1.5, i managed to get it running properly by adding-> "touch /tmp/emelfm_loaded;mydsl-load /cdrom/my-dsl/gtk2-0705.dsl" and
"/usr/bin/start_gtk2"  to .xinitrc. I am gonna remove those lines now to see if it will work without it in .xinitrc)

Let you know...

PS: Everything checks out fine this time. (human error)

Usb-stick sandisk cruzer titanium 512 Mb:
DSL 2.3 (final)
Firefox (Mozilla 1.06)
WM -biff  -cdplay -clockmon -smixer -usic -top -net -biff -ifinfo -cpuload
gps vnc LinNeighborhood (samba) QtParted bdc
xawtv imagemagick xplanet
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Juanito Offline

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Posted: Oct. 12 2005,11:05 QUOTE

Have not noticed any changes as yet (Dillo gives me a bizarrely small window to type this in).

Using a Dell Latitude D400, I burnt a new live CD under DSL 1.5 and updated DSL on USB from 1.5 to 2.0RC1.

On booting I see the same issues as DSL 1.5:

1. After initial boot I get an error message "you passed an undefined mode number, press space to continue..."

2. On autoconfiguring devices, I get an error message "modprobe: cant locate module block-major-2"

3. My Intel 855 graphics card is not detected so I need to use VGA mode or use XFree86 to get the full resolution.

4. After dropping out of fluxbox on shutdown, I see an error message "insmod /lib/.../amp.o insmod char-major-lo-134 failed"

I also see my optional myDSL apps listed twice.

Other than that the Broadcom wireless LAN and ALPS touchpad are not detected as in DSL 1.5.

I'll continue to play around and post anything new I see.
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SaidinUnleashed Offline

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Posted: Oct. 12 2005,14:02 QUOTE

Couple of things off the top of my head that need to be specificly tested by the userbase.

1. USB 2.0 support with the install to usb pendrive scripts
2. play with the irc:// and mailto: stuff in firefox
3. test LOTS of extensions! Update the ones that need to be updated! MyDSL extensions are provided by the community! It's up to you guys to keep them up to date!


1, 3, and probably 4 are caused by Intel graphics chipsets generally sucking in anything other than Winsuck.

block-major-2 is the floppy drive module.

modprobe b44 will get your nic working, and the ALPS touchpad driver is quite large, and needs Xfree86 anyway.


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AwPhuch Offline

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Posted: Oct. 12 2005,14:56 QUOTE

Thank GOD for all those uci cloops!!


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