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Posted: Oct. 14 2005,12:35 QUOTE

what about a newer libusb version 0.1.10a ?
The official web site is:
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mikshaw Offline

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Posted: Oct. 14 2005,15:58 QUOTE

No problems or complaints so far, after a brief browse through.

The LT modem auto-detect is beautiful.  I just ran ppp setup and choose /dev/modem, and then i could use basically the same ip-up script I had before. The only difference from what i have on other systems is the location of resolv.conf.

The system stats tool is great, a very good idea. The only thing I would suggest at this time is the possibility of making it resizeable (and maybe be able to change that big ugly font =o)).  It's kinda large even on 1024x768...i'd hate to have it running like that on a smaller resolution.

Those first two are big enough additions that even if there was absolutely no other changes I would definitely want to upgrade.

Floppy tool is another good one.  I won't have a lot use for it myself, but i'm sure i'm in the minority.  It looks good and will be useful for many people.

The backgrounds tool is getting better.  That's one of those things i find fun to play's not a vital tool, but a pleasant toy.  I'm thinking about throwing in some more widgets myself at some point, just for giggles.

EDIT:  Oh yeah...the additional 48 cloops are AWESOME!  I don't think i will ever be making another tar.gz extension =o)

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roberts Offline

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Posted: Oct. 14 2005,19:13 QUOTE

Kernel sources and dsl.config file are now posted in the release candidate area.
This should allow the creation of compatible modules for use with DSL 2.0.
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MethodOne Offline

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Posted: Oct. 14 2005,22:53 QUOTE

The real problem with my modem is that it dials, but it can't load any pages when I use the mydsl cheatcode.

Edit:  When I load my extensions or restore using the cheatcodes, I can dial, but not surf.

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cbagger01 Offline

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Posted: Oct. 15 2005,05:41 QUOTE


The new LT MODEM autodetection sometimes will find a Lucent modem when one does not exist.

This is because the autodetector considers all cards made by Lucent's vendor ID to be winmodems (lspci -vn | grep 11c1: )

However, Lucent also makes other kinds of cards like my FireWire adapter, and these other cards can trigger false hits for the autodetector.

A quick visit to the Linux PCI ID Repository shows the Lucent cards:

As you can see, all of the modem card IDs start with "04", so a check for "11c1:04" instead of just "11c1:" will eliminate the false hits but still correctly detect the real winmodem cards.
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